What is Webinar? Its Benefits, Types And How To Plan It

What are Webinars? Webinars are short for the term web-seminars. Webinars allow anyone to create an online event that can be watched live.

The world of online business is tough. Why? Apart from the myriad of rivals, there was so much to take care of. Starting from product quality, product prices, marketing strategies, to customer service.

Even so, many businesses rely on marketing strategies to win the competition. It’s not wrong. With the right business strategy, a business can attract customers regardless of the quality and price of the products offered. So don’t be surprised if online businesses are always looking for marketing strategies to always stand out from competitors.

If you’re looking for a new marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Webinars are the newest strategy that you should try. Here, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about webinars. Starting from the meaning, benefits, types, and how to execute webinars.

What is a Webinar?

Webinar is an event format that takes place online and is also attended online. With this format, anyone can create talk shows, seminars, discussions, and workshops with only a camera, microphone, speaker and an internet connection.

Webinars are an effective and fresh marketing strategy. Because, you can make the audience feel close to the type of communication that is personal and interactive. But at the same time, you do that with so many people. So, your marketing strategy can include both quality and quantity at the same time.

Webinar Benefits That You Need to Know

In addition to a well-targeted marketing strategy, there are other benefits that you will get through webinars. Some of the benefits of webinars are:

Benefits of Webinars for Business Owners

  • Increase brand awareness of your businessWebinars can be used as a medium to inform the advantages of your business. Through the same medium you can provide useful info and tips to customers.
  • Presenting more value in the eyes of (prospective) customers. Like freebies in the form of ebooks or checklists, webinars are strategically used to educate customers. The more people feel the benefits of the brand, the more they engage and feel the need
  • Get suggestions and feedback. Armed with tons of interactive features such as chat, polls, surveys, tests, and integration into Twitter, you can immediately find out what your audience wants.
What is Webinar Its Benefits, Types And How To Plan It
  • Shows yourself more expert than competitors. Just like a blog on a website, webinars will show how knowledgeable and capable you are. This is what then makes you look more serious and an expert in the field.
  • Collect leads. Just like email marketing, webinars can be used to collect names and email addresses of potential customers. This method makes it easier for you when you want to send promotional info to them.
  • Save time and cost of promotion. Creating an offline event is expensive. There are many technical things that need to be prepared. That’s the case, not necessarily offline events are more successful. If your promotional budget is tight, you can use webinars for more efficient promotions.

Benefits of Webinar for Audience

  • Get additional knowledge. This is the biggest benefit of webinars to the audience. Because, you will get a lot of knowledge from sources who are certainly experts and experienced in their fields.
  • Save cost. Different from offline seminars that require you to come to the venue, you can partitipate webinars from home. This of course saves gas or money for food. In addition, the cost of joining webinars is usually cheaper than seminars.
  • Very flexible. You can join the webinar from anywhere you like. Whether it’s a bed room, living room, or cafe. Free!
  • Get an e-certificate. Similar to offline seminars, webinars also usually provide the audience with an e-certificate. This online certificate will be sent via email and of course quite useful to add to your portfolio.
  • Can interact with many people. Through webinars, you can connect and interact with people from all over the world though.

3 Types of Webinars to Advance Your Online Business

All right. You already have an idea of ​​what a webinar is and the benefits of a webinar. But what is the right webinar format?

In this section, you will get acquainted with the three types of webinars. The three are special webinars to collect leads, paid webinars, and webinar series. You can choose the format that best suits your business segment.

Webinar for Collecting Leads (The Lead-Generation)

Webinar Types

As the name suggests, this type of webinar focuses on gathering leads. The trick is to create content that is available for free. Audiences who want to access it only need to provide their name and email address.

For example, you move to sell financial products. Whether it’s stocks, mutual funds, insurance, online loans, or something else. You want to open up a new niche market while introducing your product to potential customers.

For that, you can create content containing tips about finance. It could be the benefits and ways of investing in the capital market, tips on choosing the right insurance, or managing online loan money for business capital.

Whatever the content of the webinar, the important thing is that it is useful, interesting, and makes the audience want to buy the product. Don’t forget, you can also introduce products and give discounts to the audience who watch the webinar.

Through this strategy, you don’t need to be confused about where to maximize your promotional efforts. Because, the people who watch the webinar are potential customers. It’s like, you just have to flick them to become your customers.

Paid Webinars (Short Courses)

Paid WebinarsThis type of webinar is not used to promote products. But instead, the webinar is the product to be sold. Therefore, this type of webinar can actually generate money faster. None other than because anyone who wants to watch it must pay some money.

Although it is a type of product with “fast money” as the result, it does not mean that this type of webinar does not have challenges. In order to be able to sell webinars, you really need to prepare a complete, quality, and useful content. Because if you don’t, you can lose competitiveness with content creators who provide free content.

To that end, try using this list of questions to design quality webinar content:

  • What specific topic do you want to cover at the webinar?
  • What is the purpose of the webinar?
  • What benefits will the audience get after watching the webinar?
  • Does the webinar access fee match the quality of the content offered?

If so, you are also required to take extra steps. Complete your webinar session with additional material in the form of slides, worksheets, checklists, or modules. It would be even better if you provide a question and answer (Q&A) session. The principle is that the more complete the content and material you provide, the more people are willing to pay more for your webinar.

Serial Webinar (Webinar Series)

This type of webinar is in the form of a serial. You create multiple webinar episodes on related topics. Interestingly, the two previous types of webinars can also be made in serial form. In this way, the potential for leads and money can be obtained more.

If you sell products or services, you can create a series of webinars to get leads from potential customers. Create a webinar with tips on how to use the product effectively. What’s more, you can create special training and certification webinars that are still product-related.

If you really want to focus on selling webinars, consider The Advanced Selfie University from Sorelle Amore. Not the content, but how it presents the webinar itself.

To be able to sell a webinar, also make sure you provide enough promotional material. What we mean is not just ad videos or social media posts. By this we mean the stories that support your webinar. This is roughly the format of the story Sorelle Amore displays on her webinar page:

  • How influential is the topic you teach (proven it with statistics);
  • The story of why the webinar or topic you are going to teach is important;
  • Introduce who you are and why you are good at it;
  • An explanation of how the topic you teach is useful or even life-changing for the audience;
  • Explanation of who is suitable and requires courses via webinars;
  • What facilities are obtained from the webinar course;
  • Course curriculum;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • List of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ).

The checklist above will not only help you to promote. He will also simultaneously help you create quality webinar content and sell.

How to Plan and Create a Webinar?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. In this section, we’ll cover how to plan and create a webinar. We purposely discuss the two separately because there are so many things that need to be discussed.

Planning a Webinar: What to Prepare?

Planning a Webinar What to Prepare

The preparation is never in vain. That is precisely what leads you to success. The same is the case if you want to promote via webinars. Don’t let your webinar session end in shame. Make sure you follow the 10 steps below before running the webinar.

1. Define the topic and purpose of the webinar

Before getting too technical, you need to determine the topic and purpose of the webinar. By specifying these two things in advance, it will help you to design your webinar session more precisely.

After meeting the topic and purpose of the webinar, continue by answering the next two questions. First, who is your target audience? Second, how long will the webinar session last?

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