What is Rebranding? Why Your Business Needs It?

There are times when a business needs to rebrand. The reasons are various, it can be purely a business strategy or because of adjustments to changes in market behavior.

Unfortunately, rebranding is not an easy thing. It takes the right steps so that the rebranding goes according to its purpose.

Well, in this article you will learn about what rebranding is, its goals, and its various strategies. Immediately, let’s see the explanation.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a business strategy carried out to update the brand image in accordance with the desired business development goals.

Rebranding itself is divided into two, namely total and partial rebranding. As the name suggests, total rebranding means that you will completely change the brand of your business, from the logo, brand colors, to the general image and branding strategy. Meanwhile, partly rebranding only changes some business elements, for example just changing the logo.

The rebranding needs of every business can certainly be different. However, usually every business knows when it’s time to rebrand. For example, when the business is getting bigger, perception changes, or even when product sales are decreasing.

Then, what is the purpose of rebranding?

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Purpose of Rebranding

Here are some reasons why you should rebrand:

1. Changing Perception

Rebranding is often done to change the brand perception of a business. For example, the brand image is not in line with business goals or because of a bad brand perception in the eyes of customers.

For example, rebranding was done by Uber. This transportation platform company had a bad perception. Starting from the issue of bad treatment to their driver partners, to the negative issues that befell their CEO at that time. So, Uber decided to revamp its business image.

Uber Rebranding

Uber’s rebranding step at that time was quite effective in changing the bad perception that plagued their business reputation. In addition, the rebranding is also a form of business commitment to a new, better corporate culture.

Well, if your business wants to build a more positive brand image, rebranding can be the right strategy. Primarily, to get customers to see your business in a new light.

2. Expanding Target Market

If you want to grow your business by expanding your market, rebranding is necessary. Especially if the target market is different.

This step was once made by one of the world’s famous beer companies, Pabst Blue Ribbon. They changed the name and packaging to be more luxurious to reach new target markets in other countries.

Previously, the image that was built was an affordable product for students in America. However, with the change of name to “Blue Ribbon 1844” and added luxury packaging, this product is marketed at high prices in China.

In essence, by rebranding, efforts to expand business targets can be carried out. As in the example above, the target consumer will see your product as a unique new product.

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3. Adapt and Follow the Trend

Businesses must be able to adapt and follow trends. If your brand is “out of date”, you need to rebrand to revive your brand. The reason is that brands that do not match market trends will be abandoned by consumers.

An example of a brand taking this step is Airbnb.

This online accommodation startup made a breakthrough by changing its business concept, from a hotel business to a community-based accommodation business. Then, they did a rebranding by changing the business tagline to “belong everywhere”.

This rebranding move shows that AirBnB isn’t just focused on getting more people involved in having fun travel. However, it also shows that their target is a growing global market.

To emphasize the rebranding steps taken, Airbnb redesigned their business logo. This simple logo illustrates that Airbnb belongs to everyone and is part of everyone’s travel journey wherever they are.

Airbnb website

Not only that, Airbnb also created a custom font that reflects their rebranding. In fact, they created a microsite specifically to discuss the new font.

By doing this rebranding, AirBnB has developed into a business that many people are looking at again.

4. Be Different with a New Vision

Rebranding can also be done if your business wants to be different from competitors. By appearing unique, you can more easily attract your potential customers. However, make no mistake, this strategy can be used by businesses with any product. Even for non-profit organizations though.

One example, the rebranding of The Parkinson Foundation, an organization that helps people with Parkinson’s to get the right treatment.

Rebranding Parkinson's by changing a new vision

The rebranding carried out by The Parkinson Foundation includes changing the vision, tagline, and logo design.

In the past, the organization received donations and used it to find a cure for Parkinson’s in the future. The same is done by other organizations. That is, the campaign is carried out the same.

However, because they realized that future healing was only possible with treatment in the present, they changed their vision. Since then, a rebranding step has been taken to explain their new vision, namely “Better Lives, Together”.


They replaced the logo and all brand assets with a bright blue design. A color that symbolizes optimism against disease and increases healing.

5. Merger with Other Companies

When two companies merge into one brand, rebranding is inevitable. The reason is, each company must have a different vision and must be united in a new vision.

The rebranding step is not only to show a new business direction but also to make consumers understand the business product that will be created.

One example of rebranding due to the merger was carried out by Exxon and Mobil. Both are oil and gas production companies from Texas, America.

Exxon and Mobil rebrand due to merger

With the merger, a new company was formed called Exxon Mobil Corporation. The company has a vision to provide an energy source that is not only sufficient for consumer needs but is also safe and in accordance with technological developments. One of the rebranding done besides the logo is to create a new business tagline, namely Energy lives here.

5 Strategies for Rebranding

Of course, rebranding cannot be careless. You need a good strategy to do it. What are they? Check out the following strategy.

1. Create a New Vision and Mission

In doing rebranding, you need to change the vision and mission of your brand. Especially if you want to do a complete rebrand. By creating a clear new vision and mission according to development goals, your brand will have a strong image .

One example is the rebranding carried out by Walmart. They changed the image of “low price” and “low quality” with the tagline: “save money, better lives”.


With this rebranding, the vision and mission created by Walmart is more customer-oriented. Because, they no longer only focus on the products they sell but also how consumers get the best value at affordable prices.

In practice, they also change the service by prioritizing quality and convenience in shopping. In addition, the change in vision also creates visual branding elements such as logos, websites, and others to adjust the business vs.

2. Adjust Brand to New Target Market

The target market is a group of people who are the target of marketing or selling your product and have certain characteristics. Both in terms of habits, the same demographics, and others.

In order for the rebranding to work as intended, make sure you do your research on the new target. Then, do the rebranding steps properly. Is the target market a new target in geographic scope? Or target users of different ages?

An example of rebranding by adjusting to new target users is MTV. This music television program that was a hit in the 90s is intended to target the millennial generation.

MTV rebranding

Therefore, the rebranding strategy was carried out by changing the tagline, logo, and impression channel. In fact, the changes have made their programs available to watch on smartphones and YouTube social media, not just on TV anymore. This is certainly in accordance with the habits of the audience who have used different entertainment platforms

3. Use a Brand New Name

The name is the image of a brand. A name change is sometimes necessary when you are rebranding. One reason is to make your business message clearer to consumers.

Some of the businesses that are using the new name for rebranding are Sorabel which used to use SaleStock and AOL which originally used Quantum Computer Services .

AOL rebranding with a new name

As you know, by using the name AOL (American Online), consumers understand much more about the type of business and the services it offers. This is certainly not obtained with their old brand.

Well, creating a brand name is not easy because it requires a lot of research, time, and energy. Especially if your business is already online. Then, what are the tips for making a good online brand name?

  • Easy to pronounce and spell . This will help consumers remember the brand easily. In fact, it’s easy for them to do an internet search to find out more.
  • In accordance with the scope of business . The brand name used should reflect your business. Because, it will be easier for consumers to understand. For example as in AOL above.
  • Unique . Make sure your brand name is different from others, especially as an online identity. Because, with a unique name, not only makes the brand easy for consumers to remember, you can also get a more popular .COM main domain.

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4. Redesign Your Logo and Brand Slogan

Redesigning the brand logo is also necessary in rebranding. Why? Because, in addition to the name, the brand logo will be the most memorable thing in a brand.

For example, the famous browser Firefox. Surely you have imagined how it looks like, right?

Firefox Rebranding

Initially, Firefox was known as a browser with a fox logo, after the brand name. However, over time, Mozilla developed as a company. The products they have are not only focused on browsers but also some new products. That’s the reason Firefox continues to rebrand the changes that occur.

In addition to the logo, changes can also occur in the slogan, color palette to the font used.

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5. Relaunch Your Brand

After making various efforts to prepare for the rebranding, the final step that needs to be done is launching the brand.

In order to fit the purpose and run smoothly, there are several things that you need to prepare. First, determine the right time to launch. This of course can be adapted to your type of business. For example, if you are in the accommodation sector, the most appropriate time is of course before the holidays.

Second, you can start by pre-launching. So, it can attract the attention of many people. One way to do this is by making “Coming Soon” announcements on social media accounts or by making product promotions and giveaways.

This step was taken by Dirty Chick, a fast food business. Their strategy is also quite unique, namely using a Twitter account to provide information that their business will soon be closed forever. This proved enough to make a scene in cyberspace at that time, especially from their loyal customers.

In fact, the information is related to the rebranding of Dirty Chick with a new logo and name, namely D’Chicken.

3 Examples of Successful Brands Rebranding

Previously, you have learned about rebranding and some examples. Well, in this section, we’ll look at examples of rebranding that really worked. So, it can be an inspiration for your business. What brands are they?

1. Burberry


Burberry is a fashion product that is quite well known in the UK. Due to the age of the business that exceeds 150 years, it’s no wonder that Burberry’s image is considered an ancient brand. This is exacerbated by Burberry’s image as a thug.

In 2011, Burberry finally did a rebranding. As an “old school” brand, this effort is made to be able to reach a new target market, namely millennials. They also use currently popular female models such as Kate Moss and Emma Watson for their fashion brand.

This step is said to have succeeded in changing the image of the thug clothing brand into an elegant classic product. As a result, Burberry experienced a 27 percent increase in sales and continued to increase in the following year. In fact, Burberry was able to expand into China successfully.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts


One business that is also successful in rebranding is Dunkin’. Initially, the name they used was Dunkin’ Donuts.

Their rebranding step was driven by the potential for shrinking customers. Because, most of them switch because they prefer cafes with coffee products.

So, they began to change their business concept into a millennial cafe by providing coffee like Starbucks. So that these changes are in line with their brand, said Donuts, they have also removed them so that they can target a wider target.

As a result, Dunkin succeeded in making its products more popular with consumers and became one of the best coffee and bakery businesses in the world.

3. McDonald’s


McDonalds is a company that is doing rebranding to improve their image. Especially for consumers who want healthy food.

In response to this, McDonald’s finally did a rebranding by presenting a new menu that is healthier, such as salads and other healthy menus.

They also changed their marketing strategy. From just promoting delicious products, to being more focused on the menu that consumers want the most. That is, their approach is more customer-oriented.

As a result, after the rebranding, McDonalds recorded an increase in sales from the previous year. In fact, it is able to rank above the average from the estimates of experts.

Ready to Rebrand?

Now you know what rebranding is and the strategies for doing it. However, of course the rebranding decision must still be in accordance with your business strategy in general.

As a first step, you can look back at what your rebranding goals are. Want to change business perception, expand target market or adapt to changing trends? Whatever it is, plan well.

We have also given examples of several rebrandings carried out by many companies, from McDonald’s to Dirty Chick. This can certainly be your inspiration, especially in the changing consumer conditions in line with technological advances.

So, to help your rebranding be successful, don’t forget to learn about digital marketing efforts through the guide in our ebook. You can download it for free!

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