What Is Promotion Definition, Purpose, Types, and Functions

ACTIVELY SHARE — Promotion is a term that is already familiar. Generally, the term promotion is used in marketing activities, although sometimes it is also used in the world of work. Then, what is promotion?

In terms of career or occupation, promotion refers to an increase in the rank or position of an employee in the company’s organizational structure.

In other words, promotion is binding the rank of employees in maintaining their position in a company.

Promotion Definition In Marketing

Whereas in marketing activities, promotion is an activity carried out to introduce a product or service, so that it can attract the interest of the public (buyers).

Promotion is an activity to improve something (goods or services) in a better direction.

And another definition, promotion is marketing communication that is done to influence, convey something, persuade, and increase the target market of a company.

In addition, promotional activities are carried out so that the products sold can be well received by the public, so that they can participate in buying and using them.

Companies and small businesses often promote products as a marketing tool to bring in customers. The promotion of a product is designed to highlight a new brand or particular item.

In this digital era, promotional activities are generally carried out online, such as through websites or social media. Product promotion using a website is called internet or digital media.

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Promotion Purpose

In carrying out promotions, the owners of products or services usually carry out promotions with a specific purpose. The promotion objectives are as follows:

1. Attract Buyer’s Attention

First, the purpose of promotion is to change the point of view and behavior of buyers towards an item or service.

The hope is, after seeing the promotion of a product, customers who were originally not interested in buying goods or using services become interested and want to buy products or use services.

2. Branding

Second, the purpose of promotion is to brand a product or company.

That is, promotions are carried out with the aim of forming an image or impression of a product or service in the minds of customers as expected by the business actor or the owner of the brand.

For the sake of branding or introducing the brand to customers, sellers must use promotions that are interesting and different from the others in order to give an impression to potential customers.

3. To Compete With Competitors

Competition with competitors is a promotional goal that is most often used by various businesses.

Promotions are very capable of being used to keep income figures stable, even though they have many competitors from a business.

4. To Increase Profits

Fourth, the purpose of promotion is primarily to get maximum profit or increase profits.

If the business actor wants to get an increase in profits, the previous promotion objectives must have been achieved.

Starting from changing the point of view, forming the image of a business or branding to maintaining stable income.

The success of the promotion process will significantly increase profits. This proves that a business has been able to compete with competitors.

5. Get New Potential Customers

Fifth, the purpose of promotion is to acquire new customers.

In this way, the promotional objectives can be realized by keeping customers believing in the product or service, but also getting new customers.

6. Disseminate Information

Sixth, the purpose of promotion is to disseminate information to customers regarding products or services.

Information that can be shared such as offers at attractive prices or bonuses.

It can be concluded that the purpose of promotion is so that actors can increase the numbers in their business by making sales.

So that from promotional activities, business actors get maximum profit.

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Promotion Function

Promotion is included as one step in building a business. In order to be able to optimize promotional programs that are currently being run or those that will soon be implemented, business people must understand what the function of promotion is.

There are several promotional functions that will greatly assist business people in developing their business. The five promotion functions are as follows:

  • Introducing information about the products or services offered.
  • Invite potential customers.
  • Maintain the image and impression of the business that was built to remain relevant.
  • Increase the value of the business that is being run.
  • The promotion function is a solution in an effort to simplify other business processes.

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Promotion Types

In general, the types or ways people do promotions are divided into three parts. The following are the types of promotions that we usually see on a daily basis:

1. Physical Promotion

Physical promotion is usually used in a physical environment. For example promotion at certain events that are generally held in one place such as exhibitions, bazaars, festivals, concerts, and so on.

Sellers or business actors usually set up “stands” or “booths” or some kind of small tents that are used to display and market their products or services.

2. Promotion Through Traditional Media

Promotion through traditional media means a type of promotion that uses traditional media to promote.

This type of promotion usually still uses traditional media as a medium to meet potential customers.

There are types of traditional media, namely print media such as newspapers, tabloids, bulletins, magazines, and the like.

Meanwhile, for electronic media usually use radio and television.

Not only that, promotions that are often found outdoors such as banner ads or billboards or billboards are included as a type of traditional media promotion.

3. Promotion Through Digital Media

Product promotion using a website is called internet or digital media. Promotion through digital media is one of the most widely used types of promotions.

This type of promotion through digital media means promotions that use the internet and social media or social networks as a place to offer products or services.

This promotion is the most modern way to do promotions because it has a wide reach.

The influence of technology is very possible for people in cyberspace via cellphones or laptops to see the products or services being promoted.

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Now, many business people have started migrating to digital media as a promotional strategy.

Promotion through digital media has proven to be very effective in finding potential customers every day and all day long.

Thus an explanation of what promotion is, its objectives, functions and types. It can be said, promotion is an activity to introduce an item or service, so that it can attract buyers.

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