What is an Affiliate Program? Want Passive Income, Read This!

Earning money without having to work much is a desire for most people. Luckily you live in a digital age, where there are many ways to make money online.

One of them is to take advantage of affiliate programs.

With affiliate programs, you can earn passive income with very little capital!

In this article, we will discuss thoroughly what an affiliate is, what are the benefits, and of course how to earn money from affiliate programs. Curious, right? Therefore, read this article to the end, OK!

What is Affiliate?

Affiliates are programs that allow you to earn commissions when you get other people to buy or use a product.

The amount of commission you get varies depending on the policies of the company you follow. For example, there is a company offers up to 10% commission, while other gives bigger commission for you, about 70% commission.

How Affiliate Programs Work

Before going further into discussing how the affiliate program works, we first briefly describe the parties involved in it. The three parties directly involved in the affiliate program are:

  • Product Owner: can be a company, vendor, seller, and others. They are the ones who put out this affiliate program.
  • Affiliate: a person who joins an affiliate program. They are in charge of marketing products from affiliate program owners to potential customers.
  • Consumers:   consumers can buy products from product owners through affiliates.

After knowing the parties involved, below we explain how affiliates work. How the affiliate program works is as follows:

1. Register Affiliate Program

To join the affiliate program, you must first register. Registration can usually be done on the company’s website.

Well, after registering, you will get a referral code. This referral code is unique for each person and is used as confirmation that the consumer did buy from the affiliate.

Oh yes, sometimes you are actually offered to join an affiliate program, you know. This affiliate program offer usually happens to social media influencers or big traffic bloggers with discussion themes that match the affiliate product.

2. Promotion of Affiliate Products

In order for an affiliate business to earn a lot of commission, you have to promote the referral code so that many people buy. You can do this promotion in several ways:

  • Create a Product Review on the Blog

You can write articles that review an affiliate product. But remember, you have to consider the suitability of the blog’s theme with affiliate products. Try to target the same blog audience and affiliate product target audience so that your promotions are effective.

Write a candid review and discuss your experience using the product in depth. Describe the advantages and disadvantages, then end with your referral code CTA.

To make this referral product review, you must have a blog. Therefore, if you don’t have a blog yet, we recommend creating one first. This blog is one of the important means for the promotion of your referral code.

  • Put Banner on Blog

Apart from writing reviews, placing banners on your blog can be another effective way of promotion. Because humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Thus, affiliate program banners can attract the attention of visitors faster than text promotions.

Even so, don’t just put promo banners on each side of the website randomly. Because this can make visitors sick and actually leave your website.

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