What are Current Assets? Definition, Types, and Benefits

There are different types of terms in bookkeeping. This includes current assets which are an important component. As a businessman and accountant, this term must be known.

If fixed assets recognize the depreciation method, it is different from current assets. This method is not used because current assets are related to short-term assets with fast turnover.

Therefore, it is important to know the definition, types, and examples of current assets in a company’s assets. Here’s the explanation.

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Definition of Current Assets

Current assets are all assets that are expected to be disbursed in no more than one year/one accounting cycle. In the balance sheet, observing the amount of current assets is a requirement for several management activities related to maintaining the company’s liquidity level, such as cash management, accounts receivable management, and inventory management.

Current assets are all assets in the form of resources, objects or rights controlled by the company. These assets are owned by the company through transaction processes or other operations in the past.

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