Viral Marketing Definition, Advantages And Disadvantages, Tips

Currently, online business is very promising, especially supported by various marketing methods so that it can generate considerable profits. One of the marketing techniques that is often used is viral marketing. This type of marketing technique is indeed quite appropriate to use in today’s digital era.

Viral marketing has almost the same concept as word of mouth or what can be said as a method of spreading messages to consumers through words. The concept of technical marketing is more utilizing the use of social networks in cyberspace.

This marketing technique serves to encourage someone to re-deliver message or product information in a strong, regular, and sustainable manner. In this way, consumers will have a strong memory of the products offered.

To understand more about marketing techniques, the following is the understanding and application of viral marketing strategies in the business world.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that will encourage individuals to convey a marketing message to other individuals. This creates a potential for exponential growth in the exposure and influence of the marketing message. Like a virus, this type of marketing strategy utilizes rapid multiplication to send a message to thousands of individuals, even millions.

If in traditional marketing strategies the term “word of mouth” is often heard, then the same thing is also known in the internet world as viral marketing, or creating a buzz, leveraging the media, or network marketing. The workflow of viral marketing is as follows:

  1. Someone gets an idea or information.
  2. Then the idea or information cause a reaction to the person.
  3. Someone willingly or reluctantly will help spread the idea.
  4. Subsequently more people got the idea.
  5. Each new person has the potential to react to the idea and help spread it again to others.
  6. The process becomes repetitive by itself, so on until it goes viral.

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How Viral Marketing Works

Viral marketing can develop through the internet network, which duplicates itself more and more like how a computer virus works. Therefore, in its use, viral marketing requires an internet network connection.

This type of marketing strategy can work by disseminating information through a database of registered internet users for mass use. For example, from free electronic websites such as Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail that provide email services for free and provide various product offers along with these email services.

The form of a marketing strategy , this type is a modern marketing strategy that promises the fame of the product being marketed.

Moreover, the public is always connected to an internet connection to access the features for free. Creative ideas are needed in this type of marketing because internet users are smart enough to choose content that is purely informational and which is a business strategy or advertisement.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

As with other marketing strategies, viral marketing also has several advantages and disadvantages. Following are some of its advantages:

  1. Consumers can invite or refer their friends or colleagues to shop.
  2. Companies that use this marketing program will be defended by their consumers, and this is done because consumers already feel part of the company.
  3. Viral marketing will save promotion costs, because consumers will be the interpreters of the promotion. This marketing strategy will not harm consumers because consumers feel that they are not part of the employees. So you do not need to feel there is a burden and moral in running it.
  4. No need to do market education because consumers already know your online business.
  5. This marketing strategy will not interfere with other strategies that you have run. Instead, viral marketing will complement your other marketing strategies.

In addition to having many advantages, it turns out that this type of marketing strategy also has weaknesses, including:

  1. The ability of information recipients to capture messages, and not all consumers are able to receive messages that are conveyed properly.
  2. You cannot predict whether the marketing strategy that is being implemented is successful and will get good results or not.

Viral marketing has the potential to increase brand awareness and sales for your online business. In addition, this technique can also be used to increase the popularity and sales of online businesses. Viral marketing will not work without creativity.

Although it looks simple, this marketing strategy must be carried out with careful planning. This marketing strategy will indeed be very profitable, especially to increase sales of your online business.

However, the implementation must be well designed so that the execution will also run according to expectations.

In addition to preparing the right marketing strategy, a business of course requires proper financial management as well. To do online bookkeeping a \nd accurate business financial reports, use the online accounting application. Get the best solutions to support the success of your business.

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Tips for Optimizing Viral Marketing Strategy

You’ve seen some examples of viral marketing. All of them are examples of well-planned viral marketing that work quite well.

The examples above think deeply about every aspect. No wonder the campaign was successful.

Well, here are some tips that you can apply to optimize your viral marketing strategy .

#1. Mapping the Target Audience

Once running, viral content can indeed reach people who are not among the target audience.

But in planning, you still have to map out the target audience.

The target audience will later become the driving force for the distribution of content.

Audience mapping will also affect many things such as the relevant content model, the platform to be utilized, the location (for non-digital content), etc.

#2. Optimizing Analytics Tools

These analytics tools are useful for reading and analyzing data. To map the target audience, you can use these analytics tools .

Apart from that, you can also use it to analyze trends, map key opinion leaders ( KOLs ) or influencers , content types, etc.

You really need to optimize the use of analytics tools .

The success of viral marketing really depends on the data analysis you do.

#3. Creating Emotional Content

Content is one of the spearheads in viral marketing . Making something unique and interesting is still not enough. The content must also have an emotional charge.

Examples of emotional content include: fun, laughable, moving, surprising, disgusting, etc.

That emotional content can move someone to spread content.

#4. Creating an Out of the Box Concept

To be able to make your content go viral, you need an out of the box concept.

To be able to create such things, you must continue to hone your creativity and consume lots of references.

#5. Implementing the Trend Jacking Strategy

Trend jacking is a marketing method by riding a trend.

An example is Shopee which makes advertising jingles like the song Baby Shark.

#6. Hashtag Optimization

Hashtags play an important role in viral marketing strategies. In fact, hashtags can help you track the spread of the campaign.

Hashtags also need to be well-designed. The words should be simple and easy for people to remember.

#7. Collaborate with Influencers

You really need the role of influencers to make viral marketing strategies a success. These people have followers that are quite large.

Whatever an influencer responds your product, it will most likely be “eaten” by his followers.

From there the dissemination of content can occur more massively.

But, make sure to work with the right influencers. Choose influencers who are still in touch with the industry you are in.

Viral Marketing: Effectively Increase Brand Awareness

Many companies and business people are trying to implement viral marketing.

If successful, viral marketing is effective enough to increase people’s awareness of your campaign. Not only that, you will have a potential to increase your brand awareness.

This strategy is centered on internet media. The distribution will be based on social media.

However, you can also combine it with offline content such as billboards.

To succeed in viral marketing, you need powerful content.

A unique content, the concept is different from usual, has an emotional content and can trigger people to share or discuss it in their daily life.


There are many benefits to be gained if your creative can go viral. Public awareness of campaigns and brands can increase. That’s what will bring your business to grow.

Basically, that virality happens organically. But to be able to achieve this, you can plan.

Below we will discuss the definition, how it works, examples, and methods to optimize viral marketing success .

So if you are currently studying marketing, or an internship in marketing agency can add references to this article.

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