Understanding Basic Accounting For Beginners

Accounting is a discipline that can be applied in a variety of jobs. Each of our activities requires accounting knowledge both in individual and corporate activities.

Basically, basic accounting studies the measurement, translation, or providing certainty of financial information that will be provided to related parties, whether personal, investors, to assess businesses or business owners.

As a company owner, understanding more about accounting is something that can help you to control the condition of your company.

By understanding basic accounting, company owners and SME business owners must be more careful in running their business.

Because this calculation can give a clear condition of the company’s performance and predict the company’s future steps.

Even if you are not a business owner or SME, learning basic accounting will also help you to manage your finances.

For you business owners, you can use the SME accounting application to manage your business finances to be more efficient and profitable.

Basically, learning basic accounting opens you up to studying accounting and other financial disciplines.

To understand more, here are tips on how to learn basic accounting for beginners.

Understanding What is Accounting

To be able to study accounting, of course we must understand the meaning and purpose of the accounting.

Because it is very important to know and understand what basic accounting is, before moving on to more in-depth things.

In general, accounting means a process of recording, classifying, summarizing, processing and presenting data, transactions and events related to finance so that it can be used by interested people and is easily understood for decision making and other purposes.

Process in Accounting

As you know in the previous point that accounting is a complex process of finance that occurs in a business or organization.

The process in this accounting consists of:


Recording is one of the most important processes in this basic accounting science.

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