Only 5 Tips to Write Product Descriptions to Increase Sales

When doing business online, whether on a marketplace or website, there are many things you can do to support sales. One of them, write a good product description.

Yes, product descriptions not only serve to make it easier for potential consumers to recognize your product. But also to attract attention and convince them to buy.

An effective product description on your product page has a decisive role in influencing the buying decision of potential consumers. The better and more convincing a product description is , the more likely it is that potential customers are interested in buying the products you offer.

In other words, no matter how many potential customers you lead to the product page, it will not result in a purchase if the product description listed is not convincing enough.

For that, see the discussion about simple steps that you can apply to create product descriptions that sell.

So, how do you write an attractive product description?

Don’t be confused. We have prepared some tips for writing the right product description along with some examples in this article. Curious? Come on, read the review directly to the end!

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Simple Steps to Create a Product Description That Sells

1. Know the Target Audience

Know the Target Audience
Know the Target Audience

The first step is to start by knowing your target audience. Identify the characteristics of the potential customers you are targeting, and find out what things are of value and interest to them.

Once you’ve managed to figure out what your target audience wants, embed it in the description of the product you’re selling. When creating product descriptions, always keep the following important points in mind:

1. How do visitors get to your website? Through social media advertising? Blog reviews? Or a recommendation from a friend?
2. In general, what do they like?
3. Specifically, what will get people to like your product page?
4. How would you like visitors to describe your product to their colleagues?
5. What are the most attractive advantages for buyers?
6. By paying attention to some of the questions above, then you will be able to compose product descriptions better and more interesting.

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2. Focus on Product Benefit

Focus on Product Benefit
Focus on Product Benefit

As a product owner, you must understand very well about the advantages of the product you have. You must be able to explain the excellent features as well as the unique specifications of the products you offer.

These product benefits should be clearly stated in your product description. Explain how the product can improve their quality of life, so that they become interested in buying it.

To create an effective product description, consider the following scenario: Let’s say you sell a cake product that uses natural ingredients and is low in calories. So, in addition to explaining the deliciousness of the cake and its attractive appearance, another important point that must be displayed in the product description is that the ingredients are natural, without preservatives, and low in calories. These advantages, may attract consumers who want to enjoy cake but still want to be healthy and keep their weight.

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3. Use Natural Language

Use Natural Language
Use Natural Language

Use as natural language as possible in your product descriptions. Try to slowly reread the description that you have made, whether it sounds natural like you are giving an explanation to your friend or not. Avoid language that is rigid and seems like machine – generated content.

Natural language can affect the psychological aspects of potential buyers. When they feel like communicating or getting an interesting explanation from the seller by reading your product description, then they are more likely to buy the product.

4. Create Easy-to-Read Descriptions

Create Easy-to-Read Descriptions
Create Easy-to-Read Descriptions

According to research, the average reader sees only 16% of the content of a page. So, make your product description easy to understand even if it’s just a quick read.

You can optimize your product descriptions so that potential buyers can easily understand them by using bullet points, short interesting sentences, and using different font sizes or colors for important or featured sections.

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5. Use SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the easiest way to increase potential customer visits to your page. Optimization starts with collecting target keywords that are widely used by your potential customers.

After the target keywords are collected, don’t forget to place them on your product page in a strategic location. Here are some of the best locations to place target keywords:

1. Title
2. Meta description
3. Image tags ( ALT tags )
4. Product description

In addition to product descriptions that sell, you must also use the best product images to attract potential buyers. This is because 63% of consumers are more interested in images than exposure through writing.

Good and convincing image quality can also make it easier for consumers to imagine the products they will buy.

Detailed product images with good quality can affect the psychological potential of consumers to buy the displayed product.

Moreover, if you add videos about the features and advantages of the product, the consumer’s desire to buy will be even stronger.

Increase Sales with Good Product Descriptions!

Many people often overlook the importance of product descriptions when doing business online. In fact, the product description is one of the main weapons to convince the audience to buy your product.

Well, in this article we have shared with you tips on how to make the right product description. Starting from recognizing the target consumer. Explain the benefits of the product, create an emotional impression. Until the use of SEO keywords.

In addition, also try to make a clear, concise and concise descriptive text. And don’t forget, write honestly according to the quality you have, yes.


Thus the tutorial for making effective and selling product descriptions. The important point in making an interesting product description lies not only in the details of the product, but in the explanation of the benefits that consumers will get when using the products you offer.

Don’t forget to add the best photos or videos of your products to attract potential customers.

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