Looking for a Trusted Business Supplier? Use These Resources and Tips

You want to sell online? When you want to start an online business, of course, you have to look for stock items first. How to find goods from first-hand suppliers or distributor shops to get the cheapest prices to sell online? Check out these tips!

The difference between Distributor and Supplier

There are four levels in the distribution chain of goods, namely producers, importers or Master Distributors (MD), Distributors and Resellers or Dropshipper.

Distributors are parties who buy products from manufacturers directly. The distributor will then sell the product to the next intermediary. It is the intermediary after the distributor who will usually link the product to the retail store.

Meanwhile, suppliers are people or companies that sell materials that will be processed by other companies into ready-to-sell products. Generally, suppliers sell products in the form of raw materials.

The way to find distributors and first-hand suppliers is not too different.

If you decide to do business, surely you are looking for a supplier with the lowest price, right? Therefore, it is better to look for business suppliers directly to manufacturers to get the lowest prices.

However, there is nothing wrong with making importers or MDs as suppliers. Finding suppliers with the cheapest prices for goods to sell online is indeed quite difficult.

You must not only focus on pricing, but also answer the question of whether the supplier is appropriate and reliable?

So it’s best to do research first on the choice of the supplier . It also helps you to ensure that consumers will get a quality product.

For consideration, the following article provides several sources and tips that can be used as a reference when looking for the best supplier for your business.

How to Find a First Hand Supplier

Here are some ways to find a first-hand supplier:

Visit the industrial center or bazaar

The first way to find first-hand suppliers is to go directly to industrial centers or business bazaars.

Visiting the supplier directly to the production location or selling location will provide you with several advantages.

Besides being able to see all the production processes, you can also directly see and choose the quality of the products you want to resell.

You can also directly see the owner so as to reduce the risk of loss.

Plus, it can build intimacy so that trust will arise on both sides.

And it is not impossible that the price given to you can be lower.

Another option is to diligently visit the business bazaar.

In this bazaar, many other businesses will introduce their products in the hope that a collaboration will be formed.

This is a golden opportunity for you to build networks and relationships, cooperation, and insight.

Because many participants follow, you will have many choices and of course how to find first-hand suppliers at the lowest prices.

Through website or shop online

If you haven’t found the right supplier in your area or maybe you don’t want to bother traveling to find a supplier , you can visit the official website or online shop for the supplier you’ve been eyeing.

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