Do you want to buy cheap land and not be deceived? Look at the following tips

Land is a very promising investment instrument. Land prices always increase by about 10-20 percent every year.

If you buy land now at a price of IDR. 1.5 million per meter, for example, the land price is expected to increase by around IDR. 1.65 million to Rp. 1.8 million per meter in the next year.

Buy land every three money. It can be built for houses or buildings as residences, boarding houses or rented houses, shop houses, and even just rented out to be used as agricultural land, parking lots, and others.

If you have property assets on this one, it’s clearly profitable. It’s just that, before buying it, you have to be careful. Here are tips on buying land so you can get low prices and not be cheated.

Buy from people who need urgent funds

You can get information that someone is selling land because they need urgent funds from neighbors, family, or relatives. If so, immediately go to the seller.

Usually, if people sell property, including land, for the reason of needing fast money, the price must be skewed. Or still negotiable.

Don’t be embarrassed, just bargain. But you also don’t need to buy right away, think about it first. Compare it with other land prices, but don’t think too long.

Because there is no booking. The seller can simply hand over the land to a buyer who dares to pay cash.

Visit a trusted buying and selling site

In addition to information from friends, neighbors, or familiar people, you can buy land from property buying and selling sites. But remember, visit trusted property buying and selling sites to avoid scams.

Also make sure that the status of the seller whose land you are looking for has been verified. In case of fraud, you can track the complete seller data.

Suvery the land

You don’t want to buy a cat in a sack, as you don’t want the same situation happens when buying a land. In order to see what it looks like, it’s better to do a survey or go directly to the location.

This is to avoid fraud, if you find land offers from marketing agents you do not know, both offline and online. Direct surveys will help you to look more closely at the opportunities for land development in the next few years, if you don’t have an idea at this point.

That way, the money that you later spend will not be a lucky investment. For example, the land you want to buy is close to a train station, so it is very suitable for housing or building for rent.

Check the completeness of land documents like tax, and ownership, etc

Don’t ignore this point. Letters are very crucial in buying and selling property, including land. The goal is to avoid future disputes.

Before transferring the purchase money, first check the completeness of land certificates, such as land certificates, including their authenticity. Check the ownership status, check the details of the land listed on the certificate, and others.

Make sure the land ownership status is in the name of the seller. Do not let the name change, so you will be inconvenienced when you want to return the name of the land certificate in your name.

Because you have to get in touch with the original owner of the land, which is not necessarily the case that you and the seller know him. In addition, check the payment of taxes and pay attention to the Sale Value of the Tax Object (NJOP) of the land.

This NJOP is one of the components used to determine land prices. You can entrust the Land Deed Making Official (PPAT) in this matter, including checking the authenticity of the certificate at the National Land Agency (BPN).

Avoid buying plots of land

Plot land is the land that has been mapped with a certain size. Usually at a residential location. It is ready to be used to build houses, shop houses, rented houses, or others. So the place of business can too.

Because it has been mapped, land plots are sold at a higher price than land outside the housing estate area. Especially if it is in a strategic location.

This is because in addition to a more complete and safer legality, the plots of land in the housing location are already supported by adequate infrastructure. Therefore, if money is limited, you can consider buying land outside the housing to get a cheaper price. But make sure the legality is clear.

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