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MANAGEMENT, ACTIVELYSHARE.COM — In a company, the role of personnel management can be said to be very large. Then regarding the duties, functions, and understanding of personnel management, the following will be explained here.

One of the tasks of personnel management itself is to recruit employees and develop their potential so that they can have values ​​that help the company’s performance.

As an important part of the company, personnel management also has another big role in realizing the company’s vision and mission.

They must be able to choose people with the competencies and skills required by the company.

So this section is very important because it relates to employees and their relationships within the company.

Then, what are the functions and duties of the personnel department in a company? Check out his presentation below.

Difference between personnel management and HRD

Maybe most people think that personnel management is the same as human resource development or HRD. It is true that the two functions are related, but in principle, they are two different things.

The definition of personnel management itself has to do with planning and employee selection.

Not only that, training, development, and maintenance of human resources whose aim is to achieve the company’s vision and mission are also included in its scope.

Personnel management is also more focused on administration which ultimately supports the running of the HRD function.

For example, personnel management has responsibilities related to employee regulations, employee administration, to employee database storage.

While HRD itself is a job that takes care of things that have to do with employees.

For example, the recruitment process, developing employee interests and skills, conducting job evaluations, to managing employee benefits.

Well, without personnel management, the HRD function in the company will not run optimally. Hence the two are related to each other.

Explanation Of The Personnel Management Function

Functionally, the notion of personnel management can be divided into two categories, namely management functions and operational functions. The following describes the two functions.

What Is A Management Function

The management function has four components that will become the parameters of the company’s success in achieving the company’s goals that have been set. The four components are as follows.

1. Planning Function (planning)

The planning function means that personnel management will determine the programs and functions that must be carried out by employees. This will later help achieve company goals.

2. Organizing Function

After planning and determining the functions that must be obeyed and carried out by each employee, the next is the organizing function.

This function is a way to realize the company’s goals through the proper organization of the workforce.

Employee organization that has been formed will later show vertical and horizontal relationships between employees and their divisions.

3. The Function Of Directing

Next is the function of directing to employees in the company. Its function is so that employees can work according to their respective job desks to achieve efficiency within the company.

4. Supervision function ( controlling )

The last of the management functions is controlling or supervision. Here, personnel management will supervise employee performance.

He will also see whether work activities in a company are according to the initial plan or not.

Later, it can make improvements or other changes if there are things that are not in accordance with the company’s goals.

What is operational function

After we discussed the management function, now we will discuss the second function of personnel management, namely the operational function.

This function explains various aspects of human resource management in the company, such as procurement, training, and employee development.

The following is a complete explanation of the operational functions.

1. Procurement of labor ( procurement )

This function includes providing employees according to the company’s needs.

Well, this can be done by conducting employee recruitment.

2. Employee development ( training development )

To be able to improve employee skills, personnel management can carry out the function of employee development.

Development can be done by providing training related to the skills needed by employees in their fields.

So that they can carry out their duties properly.

3. Compensation

If there are employees who have proven their hard work at work, personnel management can provide compensation as a form of appreciation.

4. Integration

In the integration function, personnel management will ensure that all employees from one division to another are integrated with each other and can work well together.

5. Maintenance

In this function, personnel management must ensure the condition of employees. They can ensure that the employee’s condition, both physically and psychologically, is fine.

This can be achieved by providing services and benefits such as health facilities and counseling to psychologists.

What are the duties of personnel management?

If it was previously mentioned that the task of personnel management is more focused on the administration of a company, then we will discuss specifically what their duties are.

Certainly an important part of this company relates to human resources or employees in a company.

These tasks include the following.

  • Carry out the recruitment process for prospective employees and ensure that  their skills  are in accordance with what is needed by the company.
  • Prepare a budget related to prospective employees that will be needed by the company.
  • Make work plans for employees, for example what jobs will be the responsibility of employees and job specifications.
  • Store and manage employee databases and company assets.
  • Manage matters related to employee skill development
  • Manage employee attendance system
  • Regulate employee welfare through the employee payroll system, bonuses, compensation, to other employee benefit arrangements.

Those are some explanations regarding the duties and functions of personnel management.

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