6 Types of Online Sharia Investments & How To Calculate The Profits

Now is no longer the time for millennials to avoid to invest for their future. You know how important investing is, right? You know that our lives cannot be separated from the inflation system.

The value of money we use today as time goes by will decrease. For example, the IDR 5 K you could use to buy 1 kg of rice, now? But now, the rice price is raising to about IDR10 K/kg. But there are many investments that contain usury, how about that?

Well, don’t worry. Currently, there are many online sharia investment media that you can do so that it makes your investment more practical and certainly does not violate sharia.

What are the online sharia investments? Let’s look at the following six online sharia investment options.

Let’s look at the following six choices of online sharia investment types.

1. Shariah Shares

What are Islamic stocks? In simple terms, sharia shares are shares that comply with the provisions of the Qur’an and Sunnah. These shares are a solution to the existence of shares that are not in accordance with sharia provisions.

When referring to the OJK definition, Sharia shares are securities or securities that have the concept of capital participation with the right to share profits that do not conflict with sharia principles.

The Regulations of the Financial Services Authority (POJK) in the chapter on the Implementation of Capital Market Sharia Principles explain in more detail the aspects that must comply with sharia provisions including:

  1. Contracts, management methods and business activities
  2. Assets that form the basis of the contract, management method, business activities, and/or
  3. Assets associated with the securities in question and the issuer

Basis of Sharia Stock Law

The existence of sharia stock products is based on the DSN MUI fatwa No: 40/DSN-MUI/X/2003 concerning the Implementation of Sharia Principles in the Capital Market Sector.

The presence of this fatwa with consideration of the Qur’an and Hadith. QS. Al-Baqarah: 275 which means, “……. And Allah has permitted buying and selling and forbids usury…” Then on QS. An-Nisa: 29 which means ” O you who believe! Do not eat each other’s property in a vanity way, except by way of commerce which is carried out voluntarily between you.”

Then in the hadith of the Prophet SAW said, “The Prophet SAW forbade buying and selling (which contains) gharar ” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi from Ibn Umar). Ambiguity in trading is forbidden in Islam. This hadith In addition, the Prophet SAW said, “The Prophet SAW forbade (to) make false offers “.

Another reference is the opinion of scholars, one of whom Dr. Wahbah Az-Zuhaili in Al-Fiqh Al Islami Wa Adilatuhu , namely:

” Continuing with (performing transaction activities on ) legal shares is allowed, because the shareholder is a partner in the company in accordance with the shares he owns ”

In addition, the opinion of other scholars who say that stock transactions are included in the permissible category, namely Dr. Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar al-Sharif who said, ” Muhasama (mutual shares) and bersyarikah in the company and buy and sell its shares, if the company is known and does not contain significant uncertainty and ambiguity then the law may be ”

Advantages of Shariah Shares

One of the advantages of Islamic stocks compared to other online stock investment media is that the returns are calculated to be greater.

Besides that, you get at least two advantages, namely you get dividends when the company you invest in gets a profit and you can also get capital gains when the value of your company’s shares rises and you intend to sell it.

What are capital gains? Simply put, capital gain is a condition where the value of the stock when you sell it is higher than when you buy it. Even though it has a decent profit, Islamic stocks also have a risk, namely when the value of your stock drops, resulting in a capital loss.

Another thing that can happen is when the company you invest in there experiences poor performance and even goes bankrupt to the detriment of you as one of the investors.

Online Sharia Investment Scheme with Shares

Suppose you are a worker who wants to try investing. Then you buy shares in one of the companies listed on JII ( Jakarta Islamic Index ) call it company A. You invest Rp. 1,000,000 shares in company A with the current share price of Rp. 100/share. This means you can get 10,000 shares.

In the following year before closing the books, the company issued 1,000,000 shares and made a profit of Rp. 100,000,000.

Of these profits, the proportion to be distributed as dividends is 40%. Then the portion to be distributed to dividends is IDR 40,000,000.

Then how much dividend can you get? The calculation is the number of dividends divided by the number of outstanding shares (40.000.000/1,000,000=Rp40/share) because you have 10,000 shares then you will get a dividend of Rp400,000.

2. Sharia Deposit

This online sharia investment product is one of the instruments owned by Islamic banks, where we put some money and can’t take it in a few months.

This can be an alternative to online sharia investment because most of us Islamic banks already have internet banking or mobile banking.

In most internet banking and mobile banking, there is already an option to open a deposit account. You don’t need to come to the branch again to open your sharia deposit account.

To open a sharia deposit account we need an amount of money, it can be from IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 10,000,000. The deposit period also ranges from 1 to 36 months, depending on your preferences.

Legal Basis for Sharia Deposits

Sharia deposit products are presented based on the legal basis that has been issued by the MUI DSN, namely the fatwa No: 03/DSN-MUI/XII/2000 regarding deposits.

The basis of the MUI issuing the fatwa is because one of the considerations is that the community needs to improve welfare which can be obtained, one of which is investment.

The online sharia investment media can be done through banking. One of the banking products that accommodate this is in the field of raising funds from the public, namely deposits. In this case, time deposits are defined as time deposits whose withdrawals can only be made at a certain time based on the depositing customer’s agreement with the bank.

One of the references to the determination of the law is the hadith of the Prophet SAW, ” Abbas bin Abdul Muthallib when giving up property as mudharabah, he requires his mudharib not to wade through the ocean and not go down the valley, and not to buy livestock. If these conditions are violated, he (mudharib) must bear the risk. When the conditions set by Abbas were heard by the Messenger of Allah, he confirmed it .” (Narrated by Tabrani from Ibn Abbas)

Advantages of Sharia Deposits

It is different with Islamic stocks where you need to bear a big risk if something happens to the company. In sharia deposits, the risk you bear is smaller. Because the bank will basically work on your investment in your deposit savings so that in the agreed period you get the agreed return.

Online Sharia Investment Scheme with Deposit

Let’s say there is a final year student named Rois. He wants to save and learn to invest at the same time. Because he already understands the importance of using Islamic banks. So he decided to try using investment products from Islamic banks.

From several online Islamic investment products offered by Islamic banks, he finally chose a time deposit product. He chose a deposit product that has a term of 36 months.

This means that for 36 months the money he deposited may not be taken. The contract used in the deposit product is mudharabah.

The agreed profit sharing ratio is 40% for Rois and 60% for banks. Rois gave money for a deposit of IDR 1,000,000. At the end of the period, the bank made a profit of IDR. 10,000,000. So from this profit, Rois will get a share of IDR 4,000,000 (40% x 10,000,000) and the bank will get a share of IDR 6,000,000 (60% x 10,000,000).

3. Sharia Mutual Funds

In simple terms, sharia mutual funds are a form of equity participation that is managed by an investment manager to then be distributed to companies which in the process are in accordance with sharia provisions.

At this time, sharia mutual funds provide convenience in investing, namely by the presence of an online platform that can be used by everyone who wants to invest in sharia mutual funds.

Similar to sharia deposits, online sharia mutual funds are certainly more practical to practice. You don’t have to bother going to the Investment Manager (MI).

In addition, you can monitor information updates faster with the internet. Online sharia mutual funds, such as Simas Syariah (shares), MNC Dana Syariah (fixed income), and Bahana Likuid Syariah (money market).

Legal Basis for Sharia Mutual Funds

Sharia mutual fund products are based on the fatwa of the National Sharia Council (DSN) MUI No: 20/DSN-MUI/IV/2001 concerning Investment Implementation Guidelines for Sharia Mutual Funds. The fatwa was issued on the consideration that Islam strongly encourages its people to carry out economic activities ( muamalah ) in the right and good way, and prohibits hoarding of goods, or allowing assets (money) to be unproductive, so that the economic activities carried out can improve the people’s economy.

One form of contemporary muamalah is Mutual Funds. Seeing that mutual funds have a system that is almost the same as stocks which is based on profit sharing and refers to the rule of origin of muamalah , namely every muamalah is permissible unless there is an argument that prohibits it.

Advantages of Sharia Mutual Funds

To be able to invest in sharia mutual funds, you don’t need to need a large capital as if you invest in sharia stocks. With only IDR 100,000 you can invest in sharia mutual funds. In addition, you don’t need to think about the risks that arise, even though the risk is definitely there but it can be minimized because there is an investment manager who will manage the money you invest.

If you choose a sharia mutual fund as a medium for investing, the investment manager will direct your investment to a company that is in accordance with sharia provisions.

Online Sharia Investment Scheme with Mutual Funds

Sarah is an employee at a state-owned company. His income reached 10 million. Seeing the great opportunity to invest, he tried to invest. He chose to invest in Islamic mutual funds. With this income, Sarah is committed to investing 1 million on every 10th of every month.

For example, on June 10, Sarah invests $1,000,000. On that date the price of ABCD mutual fund Net Asset Value (NAV) was IDR 991.47. So Sarah gets a total of: IDR 1,000,000 / IDR 991.47 = 1,008.60. To calculate mutual funds the things that must be done include,

  1. Calculate the number of units of participation x the current price of the mutual fund
  2. Subtract the result of the calculation in the first step with the investment capital. If the result of subtraction gives a positive result then Sarah earns a profit. On the other hand, if the result of the subtraction gives a negative result, it means that Sarah has lost.

If on June 10, the NAV/Unit price is IDR. 1,100.48 / unit, then Sarah’s profit starts by calculating the multiplication of the number of units of participation with the current price of the mutual fund 1,008.60 units x IDR. 1,100.48 = IDR. 1,109,944.

From this result, we deduct the result of the first calculation with the investment capital so that Sarah’s profit is IDR.109,944 (IDR 1,109,944 – IDR 1,000,000).

P2P lending, also known as the concept of giving or applying for loans, is indeed the majority developed by sharia fintech. However, in sharia principles there is no concept of borrowing and borrowing.

Because the concept of borrowing and borrowing which then takes the benefit of it in the form of profit, it is included in usury.

The facilities provided by sharia fintech are financing in the form of buying and selling (murabahah) and business cooperation contracts (mudharabah). 

The concept of P2P Lending is to bring together parties who have capital and those who need financing.  The community can play an active role as investors who will provide financing or as MSMEs that can apply for financing for their business. Sharia P2P lending has developed a lot in Indonesia.

Legal Basis of P2P Lending Sharia

Sharia P2P Lending products are based on the fatwa of the National Sharia Council (DSN) MUI Number 117/2018 concerning Information Technology-Based Financing Services Based on Sharia Principles. This is also based on the opinion of Dr. Wahbah Zuhaili who said,

“What is meant by one assembly in every contract as we have explained is not the existence of both parties transacting in one place. Because sometimes the place of the two parties is different when there is an intermediary that connects the two. Such as transactions via telephone, radiogram or via mail.”

Advantages of Sharia P2P Lending Products

One of the advantages of using Sharia P2P Lending products is the ease of transactions, especially for those of you who want to need financing. Sharia P2P Lending usually does not require complicated things if you want to apply for financing.

Generally, it is also easy for you to get financing in a fast period of time because Sharia P2P Lending companies will increase your financing needs with their marketing strategies.

For those of you who are investors or those who provide financing, don’t worry if the financing you invest becomes stuck.

Because Sharia P2P Lending companies will carry out strict supervision so that the parties being financed can smoothly complete their financing.

Online Sharia Investment Scheme with P2P Lending

For example, there is a student who wants to try to invest, let’s say his name is Yudhis. He tried to use one of the online sharia investment platforms, namely Sharia P2P Lending.

When he opened the platform, he chose one of the parties he would finance, namely Ari who needed money to buy feed for his chicken farming business.

At that time the cost needed was IDR. 800,000. Finally, Yudhis invested to finance Ari’s business needs of IDR. 800,000.

The IDR 800,000 money was used by P2P Lending Syariah to then buy the feed needed and sold it to Ari with a margin of IDR 200,000 so that the total was IDR 1,000,000 and was paid in installments.

The agreement for the installment period is 10 months, so that every month Ari has to pay in installments of IDR 1 million.

So that in the 10th month when the installment is paid off, the IDR 200,000 margin that has been obtained is then distributed to Yudhis. The share agreement between the company and Yudhis is 20% and 80%.

So that in the 10th month Yudhis will get his money back of IDR. 800,000 plus the money from his investment profit of IDR. 160,000 (80% x IDR. 200,000) so that the total money received by Yudhis is IDR. 960,000.

5. Savings Sukuk

The Ministry of Finance itself has just launched ST-003 online last February. Sukuk or Islamic bonds do have the advantage of easy access to transactions through electronic or online systems.

With sukuk, you can start investing online without being expensive and halal according to the MUI and the law. You can start investing in state Savings Sukuk starting from IDR 1,000,000. To get it, you can access a website that is directly appointed to be a savings sukuk distribution partner.

The Legal Basis of Savings Sukuk

The Savings Sukuk product is based on the fatwa of the National Sharia Council (DSN) MUI No: 69/DSN-MUI/VI/2008 concerning State Sharia Securities. One of the references for the determination of the fatwa is the opinion of scholars who say,

“ The Imam (head of state, authority holder) may carry out policies on state assets for matters which he considers to be beneficial for them (citizens); Among these benefits is selling some of the wealth of the Baitul Maal (state treasury) in order to raise sufficient funds to finance their general welfare and needs.

Advantages of Savings Sukuk

One of the advantages of savings sukuk is the security of the risk of loss. This is because savings sukuk have high guarantees by the state. In addition, the yields offered are also quite attractive.

In early 2019, the government issued a savings sukuk with a yield of 8.15%.

This reward is very competitive and even higher than the average deposit interest rate in SOEs. You can also feel the rewards of sukuk every month.

The Ministry of Finance stated that yields can be received on the 10th of every month.

Online Sharia Investment Scheme with Sukuk

For example, an investor named Rowi buys 1 unit of savings sukuk, which is IDR. 1 million. Rowi’s annual fee is a minimum of IDR 83,000.

When divided on a monthly basis, Rowi’s reward is around IDR. 6,916. Then the figure is reduced by a tax of 15 percent or the equivalent of IDR. 1,037. So, the net monthly benefit that Rowi receives is IDR 5,879.

6. Not Online

Different from the previous types of online sharia investments, this one investment is directly in a real object, namely gold. Gold investment has indeed begun to be in demand, especially by millennials.

Because of the high number of enthusiasts who want to invest in gold, there are now many companies/ startups that accommodate this gold investment by providing an online gold investment/buying platform.

Several online gold investment platforms include Tamasia, Digital Pegadaian, Tokopedia Emas, Bukalapak Bukaemas and Gold Digi.

Legal Basis of Gold Investment

Gold investment products/gold buying and selling were raised on the legal basis of the fatwa of the National Sharia Council No: 77/DSN-MUI/V/2010 concerning the Sale and Purchase of Gold for Cashless.

Although there are many disagreements related to the fatwa, because the opinion of the majority of scholars says it is not permissible to buy and sell gold in cash.

This is because gold is considered a tsaman (currency). However, in Indonesia gold is not considered as a currency but as a commodity so it is not a problem to buy and sell gold in cash.

Advantages of Gold Investment

Investment in gold has advantages / advantages compared to other investments. Among the advantages, namely:

  1. Minimal risk, because the movement of gold tends to be static, that’s why gold is better known for its function as a hedge.
  2. Easy to liquidate, compared to other online sharia investments, gold is more liquid because it is easy to convert into cash.
  3. Can be used as collateral, apart from being a profitable investment medium, gold can also be used as collateral if you want to apply for a loan.

Online Sharia Investment Scheme with Gold

For example, gold is currently priced at IDR. 500 thousand/gram. The Aghnia who wants to try investing wants to invest in gold. At that time he had IDR 1 million in cash. Finally Aghnia decided to buy 2 grams of gold.

He bought the gold online through an application. In that year it turned out that the price of gold rose to IDR. 550 thousand/gram. In that year Aghnia finally sold the gold she had bought. The proceeds from the sale of gold were IDR. 1.1 million. Thus, Aghnia has benefited from a Gold Investment of IDR. 100 thousand.

Well, it turns out that investing today is simple, safe, and fast. There’s no reason to be lazy or afraid to invest.

Of the six online sharia investments, which one do you think you will choose? If I may suggest, you can start trying by investing through P2P Sharia Lending, because this type of investment is loved by millennials.

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