Maritime Economics Definition, Activities And Examples

ECONOMY, ACTIVELYSHARE.COM — Maritime economy is a form of policy that regulates economic activities in the maritime or marine sector. For an archipelagic country like Indonesia, there will be a maritime economic policy.

The implementation and making of policies aims to equalize national development, so that they can participate in realizing the ideals of national development. Then, what kind of policies in the maritime  economy can succeed in national development?

Definition of Maritime Economy

Before discussing further about the maritime economy, it is possible to first understand what it means.

What is meant by maritime economy?

In general, maritime economy is an economic activity that occurs within the scope of the maritime or marine sector. Understand here about Examples of Economic Activities.

This economic activity includes sea transportation, shipbuilding industry, shipyard maintenance, port construction, and any operational activities at the port. So that the economy in the maritime sector is all marine activities.

Both what happens on the coast or the coast as well as what happens in the middle of the sea, especially the marine zone which is still the territory of a country. Because just like on land, the ocean also has territorial boundaries between one country and another.

Economic activity in the maritime sector is something that will definitely continue to happen. Because there are quite a lot of activities at sea, especially in Indonesia, which itself is an archipelagic country.

This economic activity certainly needs to be supported and provided by the government, because it is a source of livelihood for the community. These policies are also included in the maritime economy which will be discussed in depth.

This policy is to help regulate all economic activities in the ocean, which contributes to the improvement of the community’s economy. Then also have an impact on the development of development in the country.

This policy is also made to ensure that marine resources can be used properly and wisely. At the same time can make it persist by avoiding over exploitation.

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