What Is Influencer & How Influencers Can Help Your Business?

In the previous article, we discussed digital marketing and viral marketing to promote products, and one of the most effective digital promotion methods is influencer marketing. So, what is influencer?

In this article, we will discuss influencer marketing, its benefits for you, and how to choose the right one!

What is Influencer?

In simple terms, an influencer is someone who can make an impact on society.

They can be celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers, or public figures who are considered important in certain communities.

Generally, an influencer has millions of followers on social media. However, this is not always the case. Someone with thousands of followers can also be called an influencer if they have a big influence on the audience.

Yes, as the name implies, influence is the power of an influencer. They can be trend setters both on a small and large scale. Therefore, many business owners are partnering with influencers to promote products thanks to this extraordinary influence. .

This is what became known as influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a  marketing strategy where the company invites an influencer to work together to increase brand awareness and sales in accordance with the specified target market.

Before going into a deeper explanation, let’s learn what are the types of influencers in the world of digital marketing.

5+ Types of Influencers You Should Know

In general, the types can be distinguished from the number of followers and the media used to promote the product.

The following are three types of influencers based on the number of followers:

1. Micro

What are micro influencers? So, a micro influencer usually has a number of followers of 10 thousand people, even less.

Judging by the numbers, you might think that using micro-influencers is not effective for product promotion. In fact, that’s not true.

The strength of micro-influencers is engagement with their followers. In fact, a study shows that consumers are 82% more likely to buy a product from a micro-influencer recommendation!

Not only that, micro-influencers have a more specific audience in a particular niche (topic). By understanding their audience, a micro-influencer is able to create content that is more relevant to their followers.

2. Macro

If he has more than 100 thousand followers, he can be called a macro influencer. Usually, macro influencers are people who are widely known even though they are not as famous as celebrities.

With the number of followers, potential macro influencers to promote products to more people. In addition, using macro influencers can make your product or brand look exclusive.

3. Premium

These are the top influencers with the most number of followers. A premium influencer generally has millions of followers.

The percentage of product purchases from premium influencer recommendations may not be as large as other influencers, but it’s still promising. The reason is that the message reach of premium influencers is incredibly wide.

However, you need to think about the suitability of the products you offer and the budget you have.

Influencer Types Based On Media They Use

On the other hand, the types of influencers based on the media used are divided into three:

1. Blogger

A blogger is someone who owns and manages a blog. Not a few blogs are used to review a product, such as Sasyachi’s blog which reviews various beauty products.

When a blogger recommends a product, it will certainly attract readers to try the product. If the blogger has a lot of loyal readers, product marketing will certainly become easier and more effective.

2. YouTuber

Surely you already know what this influencer is, right? Yes, that’s right. A YouTuber is a person who uploads videos to YouTube about information, including product information. The role of YouTubers as product influencers is quite significant.

The reason is that more than 90% of internet users get to know new products through Youtube. If you work with Youtubers who have a lot of followers, of course, the potential for attracting their attention to your product is even greater.

3. Celebgram

An Instagram celebrity or celebrity is a public figure who uses the Instagram platform as a product promotion medium.

Why is Instagram potential? Because Instagram has hundred of millions users! These data show that utilizing the popularity of celebgram can be relied on for product promotion.

Are you already interested in using influencers for your brand or product?

Previously, it’s good to learn about the benefits of influencers for your business first.

Here’s How to Choose Influencers in 7 Easy Steps

There are several tips that you can consider before making your choice to one of the influencers.

1. Adjust the Budget

As with other promotional activities, choosing an influencer must be in accordance with the budget you have.

If you have a limited budget, working with micro-influencers can be the best option. One reason is that they interact with their followers more intensely. Not infrequently there is input about the product given by several followers of the product’s users.

Well, with this information, you can immediately make repairs. So, even with a minimal budget, the benefits you receive are no less large.

2. Match Your Business Target Market

The target market is useful for knowing your consumer group so that you can implement targeted promotional measures.

For example, if you sell children’s products, your target customers are housewives. You can research which public figures often post about parenting guidelines.

3. According to the Product Promotion Scale

You should start your influencer marketing strategy by determining the scale of the promotion to be implemented.

Choosing a public figure according to your promotional goals will certainly be more effective. If the scale of the promotion is large, feel free to use macro or even premium influencers. The goal, to hit the market.

On the other hand, if your product promotion is on a small scale, using micro influencers is certainly more appropriate because the budget you spend is in accordance with the final results you get.

There are many platforms you can use to help you find the right influencers, such as Getcraft and SociaBuzz.

4. Must Have a Good Reputation

Always choose a public figure who has a good reputation in his field.

Regardless of the type of influencer, micro or macro, working with a reputable one is certainly more comfortable.

If you only look at the number of followers, but the public figure is often in trouble with the law, for example, it will certainly affect your product.

In addition, a public figure with a good reputation will certainly have a well-maintained personal branding. This will be able to help your business build a good branding as well.

5. Have High Engagement

Entanglement between a public figure with his followers also need to look at. Because, it can be a benchmark for how your product promotion will touch your potential customers.

For example, if you see micro-influencers who always have high engagement, you can use their services to promote your product. On the other hand, a public figure with a large number of followers but low engagement is certainly less profitable.

Actually, there are many ways to measure the engagement of an influencer. Both from the aspect of engagement per post, engagement per impression and others. However, you don’t need to measure the value of this engagement yourself. There are many tools you can use such as the Engagement Calculator.

Celebgram Instagram
Celebgram Instagram

6. Good Content Update Intensity

One thing you should not forget is the intensity of public figures in posting.

For example, if your influencer posts too many Instagram posts in one day, chances are that your promo content will quickly disappear from the top page of the gallery. This means that followers have to scroll down to find your product content.

On the other hand, if the public figure rarely posts, his follower engagement may also start to dim.

In addition, if your influencer posts multi-channel or on various social media simultaneously, it will certainly increase the number of potential consumers who see it.

In essence, look at your influencer’s habits in managing posts before choosing them.

On the other hand, you can also monitor social media more diligently. The goal is to find out what is trending and who are the viral public figures.

When you find viral moments and topics as a promotional event for your product, you can “move quickly” to establish cooperation with these public figures, before competitors.

7. Prepare the Cooperation Agreement Well

Last but not least, always make a clear agreement with your influencer.

The cooperation agreement that you make must state detailed clauses, both regarding the rights and obligations of each party. This is to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to legal problems that could occur.

In practice, several companies often provide briefs ( brief guides) to influencers when doing promotions. In this way, the promotion objectives can be clearer and make it easier for influencers to create content.

Remember, the influencer you choose must be able to build a positive image of your brand or product. Don’t risk the survival of your business by choosing the wrong people.

These are 6 Benefits of Influencers for Business Owners

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you work with an influencer:

1. Make Your Product the Center of Attention

You can quickly make your product the center of attention. The trick is to take someone who is going viral as your influencer.

You certainly know the figure of Neti Herawati or known as Bude Sumiyati. Starting from a funny tweet on Twitter and then growing on Instagram, Bude Sumiyati’s name is increasingly popular. His followers are increasing day by day.

Bude Sumiyati Influencer Netflix
Bude Sumiyati Influencer Netflix

This moment is used by Netflix Korea by pointing it out to promote the product. On Netflix Korea’s own Twitter account, Bude Sumiyati’s video has been watched by more than 300 thousand people.

In essence, every activity of an influencer is always the center of attention of his followers.

The example above proves that you don’t have to use premium influencers when promoting products to hit the market. In fact, if you are targeting a specific community, using micro-influencers is certainly more appropriate.

2. Make Consumers More Trust Your Products

If you promote products conventionally, it will take a relatively long time to convince your potential customers. However, when using a public figure, consumer confidence in a product can be directly formed.

The reason is that they have experience and expertise in certain fields.

If they use your product, it is very easy for their followers to trust your product more.

In fact, 53% of female consumers make a product purchase after seeing a post from an influencer.

3. Boost Sales

The more people who know about your product, the more likely it is that sales will be generated.

Let’s take the example of the influence of a Meghan Markle , wife of Prince Harry.

At an event at Buckingham Palace this year, Megan wore a gorgeous gold brocade gown. What happened next? Within 24 hours, there was an increase in demand for brocade clothes by up to 500%!

This kind of thing causes business people like Hartiman to believe in the ability of an influencer.

Hartiman is a clothing entrepreneur from Bandung, NOMI. Hartiman said that the sales of the NOMI brand managed to increase after collaborating with Indie musicians from Japan and Indonesia. He has even succeeded in opening outlets in Japan for his various clothing products.

4. Influencers are the Right Media to Reach More Consumers

Some business owners tend to promote their products through advertisements, either in print or electronic media. Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to “skip” the ad.

This is where the role of influencers can “fill the void”.

Currently, the number of active social media users in Indonesia reaches 150 million people, with an average access time of almost 3.5 hours every day!

If product marketing is done using influencers through social media, blogs or YouTube, of course, it can reach more consumers.

For example, the brand Paco Rabbane Parfums collaborated with Chez Rust, a male model , to  promote their products through Instagram. As a result, the increase in Paco Rabbane Parfums’ Instagram followers reached 42.786%!.

By appointing a public figure who is able to present interesting content, information about your product will certainly not be “missed”. This means that the opportunity to reach more consumers can be achieved easily.

5. Build Closeness with Consumers

Using influencer services can build consumer intimacy with your brand. However, you must be observant in choosing the right person for your product’s target market.

One way to build intimacy is to use public figures who really like your product.

Keep in mind that premium influencers do not always guarantee the success of your marketing given the possibility of having fake followers.

In fact, most micro-influencers tend to use a product before recommending it.

For their followers, this is certainly more engaging , because it is more real. With this condition, the closeness of consumers with these products can be built stronger.

Not only that, by using social media, two-way communication can be created. This provides an opportunity for followers to confirm the correctness of the recommendations given by the influencer in question.

6. Tends to be Easy to Return Capital

Using influencers to promote products is a business investment. Fortunately, your chances of getting a return on investment (ROI) are quite large.

What is a big ROI for influencers? In essence, this means you can more easily get your capital back.

In fact, one study found that influencers can achieve an ROI 11 times greater than banner ads.

Of course, to achieve this result there are a few things you need to pay attention to. One of them is choosing the right public figure. How to?

Is Influencer Marketing a Promising Method? Of course!

Okay, now you’ve fully learned what an influencer is. So, an influencer is someone who has social media with a large number of followers. With these conditions, they are quite promising to be invited to work together in promoting the product.

In general, there are several types of influencers based on the number of followers: micromacro and premium. On the other hand, the media used also determines the type: bloggerYouTuber, and celebrity.

For business owners, utilizing the services of an influencer provides six advantages that will help your business grow better. We have explained these benefits in full.

Hopefully the above information can help develop your business even better. Success for you!

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