5+ Ways to Increase Email Marketing Open Rates (Easy but Effective)

There are so many digital marketing techniques that can be used to promote your business. Of course, you’ve also tried most of these techniques to introduce your business to the outside.

But before marketing strategies became more diverse, email marketing had become the most widely used marketing method. In fact, there are still many who rely on this method.

As long as it is executed properly, email marketing can be an effective promotional medium.

Here’s the simple logic. Everyone must have at least one email address to communicate. Although they are rarely used for personal communication, the fact is that email is still used on a daily basis.

Therefore, we recommend you to use email marketing tactics. Especially because email marketing can be used to achieve two goals at once.

To contact potential customers, while keeping in touch with loyal customers.

e-mail statistics

Through this article, we want to invite you to understand the best practices in email marketing. Especially the things that will help you increase your email open rate and ROI.

The following are the methods that will be discussed:

1. Understand the purpose.
Set goals that are result-oriented and measurable.

2. Get the right domain name.
Specify a domain name and extension so that the email address looks good and credible. Like for example if your business is about accounting software, then make sure your domain has relevance name with your business, such as accountingsoft.com, so your email will be yourbusiness@accountingsoft.com.

3. Create a personalized email.
Write emails in personal, warm, and familiar language.

4. Create segments for email recipients.
Group email recipients by location, job title, purchase history, etc.

5. Write a compelling email subject.
Create an email subject that makes recipients curious.

6. Put the right image and call-to-action.
Show pictures so the recipient doesn’t lose their curiosity. Also insert a CTA (Call To Action) so that your goals are achieved.

Before discussing all the methods above, it would be better if we mentioned a little about click-through rate or CTR. Without further ado , come on , let’s go~

What is CTR? Why is CTR important?

Click-through rate or CTR is the average number of users who click on a link compared to all users who view websites, emails, channels, and so on.

In the case of email marketing, CTR means the number of users who opened the email and clicked on the CTA compared to the total number of users who received the email.

Although it looks simple, this is actually the biggest challenge for email marketers.

To find out how big your email marketing CTR number is, use the formula below:

Email CTR = Number of clicks / number of emails sent x 100

The above formula will help you calculate CTR. In addition, you can also know what needs to be improved from the email marketing method that is being used.

It’s possible that the problem lies in the audience that doesn’t match the product or service being offered. What’s more, your call-to-action (CTA) needs to be fixed again. Either way, knowing your CTR will help you maximize results from email marketing.

Apart from ROI and CTR, the success of email marketing also depends on the device used by the email recipient. If the email you send has not been optimized for mobile screens ( mobile friendly ), you can be sure that your email will end up in the recycle bin.

Fun fact! If the first email is opened via mobile and then opened again via desktop, then consumers are 65 percent more likely to surf the website.

5+ Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Open Rate and ROI

Now that we know the basic metrics for measuring email marketing success, let’s move on to strategies to increase open rates and ROI in email promotions.

1. Understand the goal

When planning an email marketing campaign, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. Having a goal will help you build a results -oriented strategy.

Whether it’s in the form of increased sales, traffic to the website, communication with loyal customers, the number of new accounts, or a reduced number of unsubscribes.

2. Get the right domain name

Before sending an email, make sure you have the right domain. Why? The right domain name helps you have a professional email address.

Using a free email platform or any domain name is certainly not recommended. Email addresses like support@mycoolbusiness12.com certainly not crashing into the spam folder.

Therefore, create a new domain name with a unique extension. For example .TECH, .STORE, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, or others. Unique domain names and extensions not only look cool, they also make your email stand out from the rest.

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Just imagine when you get an email from jack@jackstuff.tech. You must be easier to remember, right? Such emails are simple, unique, and most importantly seem credible.

So before you send out an email, make sure you have a domain name and email address that looks professional. Get a wide selection of cheap and unique domains at BlueHost.

3. Create a personalized email

The more things become digital and accessible, the more important it is for personal communication to consumers.

A personal and intimate email increases the number of transactions by up to six times.

Creating a personal email is actually not difficult. This starts with collecting data when customers sign-up to your website. Then use the personal data in the email.

For example, add the customer’s name to the subject of the email sent. This method will help you increase your CTR. Because, customers feel the email is really addressed specifically to him.

4. Create segments for email recipients

Know your business target audience. That’s the key to successfully sending the right email. Therefore, you need to divide email recipients into special groups or segments.

These segments can be divided into customer needs, what products have been purchased, topics that customers like, and so on. You can also create segments based on location, industry, job title, or content that you often enjoy.

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That way, you know very well how to communicate via email with customers. However, keep in mind, when communicating you still need to prioritize the main goal: business.

5. Write an interesting email subject

Long email subjects don’t look good for emails. In fact, it could be that the email you created ended up in spam.

Therefore, make the subject short, easy to understand, clear, and can at a glance show the contents of the email sent. More importantly, avoid using capital letters and exclamation points.

Also avoid words that are considered spam . For example, cheap, free, limited offer, warranty, and so on. These words clearly indicate the intent to sell the product. Something that might make the recipient of the email lazy to open it.

If you can, create a subject that piques the curiosity of your customers. Then, follow up with the body of the email that the customer is impressed with. That way, you can definitely increase the open rate of your email marketing.

6. Put the right image and call-to-action

Text-filled emails are easy to make the recipient lose their curiosity. Predictably, they will quickly close such emails.

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However, emails with the right images are likely to be more appealing to customers. Whether the email is opened via mobile or desktop, both are equally interesting. Promotional emails, in particular, have a big impact when they have catchy and appropriate images.

After completing the email with an image, don’t forget to make a proper call to action. Without it, your email marketing campaign is still likely to fail.

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Every email sent needs to have a CTA button at the end. Fill this CTA button with the specific action you want the customer to take after reading the email.

Also make sure that the CTA that is made is clearly visible. Do a double check to check if the button takes the customer to the right page.

3 Advantages of Email Marketing

At this point, you may still be hesitant to actually invest in email marketing. Not wrong, indeed. This old promotion strategy does have its own challenges.

However, there are several reasons that make us believe that email marketing is worth it. Here’s a brief discussion.

1. Easy to access

Everyone has a smartphone and at least one email on it. So, try to create an email with a beautiful design and a captivating message. Most likely, the recipient of the email will respond to the email the way you expect.

2. Low cost

Millions of rupiah are spent on digital and traditional promotions. Unlike the case with email marketing which is really cheap.

If you are still starting a business and looking for cheap promotional costs, email marketing can be the solution for you. Compared to other marketing techniques, email marketing is very easy and cheap to run.

3. Easy return on investment

A study says email marketing is the best promotion way for return on investment (ROI). Compared to other marketing techniques, email marketing only costs $1 to generate $42 in revenue.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you just send email. You also need to know how to calculate ROI. Here’s the easy formula:

(Sales Number – Promotional Cost) / Promotional Cost = ROI

Look at the total sales figures, then subtract the marketing costs. Then share the previous results with marketing costs. For example, you can get IDR 1,000,000 from sales and only spend IDR 100,000 on promotions. Then, your ROI reaches 900% or 9x.

((Rp1,000,000 – Rp100,000) / Rp100,000) = 900%

If you don’t want to bother with manual calculations, you can also use Sleeknote. Through this tool, you can calculate ROI more easily. The calculations are not limited to revenue and promotion costs. However, it also includes other factors such as the number of email recipients, the number of emails opened, and conversions.

Sometimes email marketing campaigns generate good open rates. However, it has little effect on website traffic and sales. This is what was called the click-through rate (CTR).

Ready to Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rate?

Science is synonymous with experimentation. Likewise with email marketing. After so much trial and error, you will finally find the right strategy for your company.

Hopefully this article helps you in finding the right email marketing strategy. In the process, one strategy may be more effective than another. And that’s certainly not a problem.

The point is, are you ready to put your energy into increasing the open rate and rupiah coffers?

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