How To Create a Business Manager for Facebook Ads

Creating a Business Manager is an important step that you should take before creating your first facebook ad. Business manager is a free feature provided by Facebook, which makes it easy to manage your pages and ads.

It should be distinguished that Business Manager and Ad Account are not the same. Ad accounts, Facebook Pages, and other apps are part of your Business Manager.

What are the Benefits of Using Business Manager for Facebook Ads?

  • It’s more practical to manage ads accounts, facebook pages, and other applications in one access place.
  • Provide different levels of access to users, based on their business management needs.
  • Have one source of funds account for payment methods
  • Easily manage Manager Permissions (Admin, etc)
  • Set up Facebook Page and Ads account in one need.

Create a Facebook Business Manager

Follow these steps to create a Facebook manager account:

The first step, Click >> (Link), also make sure you have logged into your account on Facebook.

Business manager

The second step, create a new account first (Create Account)

The third step, Fill in the fields that appear like your business name, then click continue. Examples like the one below.

(Using the image from the example)

The fourth step, Enter your name and your business email, after that click finish. Examples like the one below.

(Using the image from the example)

After that you will enter a view like this.

(Using the image from the example)


>> Page: Can add/create fanpage page in Business manager.

>> Ad Account: Add/invite someone to manage on ad account.

>> People: Can add other people to be admins or employees on your ad account and Fanspage page.

Adding Fanspage in Business Manager

With a business manager you can manage your fanspage, by doing this you can manage your Fanspage easily:

First, select the “page” menu and then click “Add page”.


(Using the image from the example)

Then a display like this will appear, in this view you can select “Add Pages to Business Manager”.


>> Add a page you own: Serves to add your fanspage, by pasting the url link.

>> Add someone else’s Page: serves to select some fanspages that have been created and then select them.

>> Create a new page: the function is to start creating Fanspage from scratch again.

Second, you can select the “Add a page you own” menu then click “Add page”.


Third, Paste your Fanspage page url link, then add your page. Like the example below.


After that you will get a display like this, where the display tells you that you have successfully added a Fanspage to Business Manager.


Adding Ad Account for your Ads account

After you have created Business Manager, added Fanspage to Bussiness Manager, now you will add Ad Accounts that you will use to advertise.

First, you must return to your Business Manager home, then click “Add account”


Second, then your display will enter the “Add ad Accounts to Business Manager” menu. Then click “Create Ad Account”.


There are several things you need to know about the “Add ad Account to Business Manager” menu, such as:

>> Ad Account name: Fill in the name of your ad account.

>> Advertising on behalf of: Fill in automatically, according to your advertising account.

>> Time Zone: Can set according to the time zone, where you are.

>> Currency: Where you can set the currency for payment.

As shown below.

Third, fill in the account name, ad name and all the data there, then click “Create Ad Account”


Then your ad account has been successfully created.

Added “Add People” to be an Admin or employee .

Next you’ll find out how to add someone to be the manager of your Business Manager.

First, you return to your Business Manager home, then you click “page”


Second, you’ll enter the email addresses of the people you want to co-manage your Business Manager with. Here you can determine the position of the invited person as an Admin or as the owner of a Business manager account.

For more details in setting the manager’s position, you can set it in the “Page Advertiser”, then click “Add People”. It will look like the one below.


Third, you will enter the people who will be the managers of your Business Manager. Then you enter their facebook names and set the Page Advertiser as what in your Business Manager.


Then after you click next you will enter the Catalogs menu, you just click “skip”.

After that you will get information about successfully adding people who are managers of your Business Manager.


After following all these steps, then you are ready to start your first advertisement.

Facebook Business Manager is a big step towards creating professional Facebook Ads.

Besides being easy and practical to use, through Business Manager you can solve several problems such as admins and employees who used to only share one login.

You’ll also be able to promote your ads better, target your ads to a more targeted audience, and as a result you’ll get a favorable ROI for your Facebook Ads.

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