Have a Startup? Use .TECH Domains For You Website!

Since its appearance in 2015, the .TECH domain has become one of the most favorite domain extensions for startup businesses. It’s not surprising because this domain has a myriad of benefits for startup companies.

What are those benefits? Relax, we will explain in full all the benefits of the domain. TECH in this article. Therefore, read this article to the end, yes!

What is a .TECH Domain?

As the name suggests, .TECH is a TLD ( top level domain) specially created for those who are struggling in the technology field. Whether it’s a brand, company, or just an individual.

This domain has also been universally accepted as a specific domain for technology websites. Very different from .COM or .NET which does not seem to show any characteristics.

This .TECH domain is registered internationally under the Radix company and is available to the public since August 5, 2015. Since then, the number of .TECH domains that have been registered has reached 270 thousand domain names spread across 211 countries.

Some examples of world famous brands that use this domain are ces.tech, viacom.tech, hollywood.tech, and startup sensei.tech. All of them are in the technology sector.

Get to know 5 Benefits of .TECH Domains for Startups

Here are five benefits of using a .TECH domain for your startup:

1. Easier to Find Your Startup Name in .TECH Domain Domain

I don’t know how many billion websites around the world use .COM, .NET or .ORG domains. So, most likely your startup name will not be available on public domains that have existed for decades.

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This condition is inversely proportional to .TECH. This domain is new and rarely used, so your startup name will most likely be available. Can’t believe it? Below we provide a comparison:

2. Great for Tech Startups

What’s the best way to show the world that your startup is in technology? Yup, by using a .TECH domain for your website. Try to compare these two websites: www.electricalmobile.com and www.electricalmobile.tech

The first website can have many meanings. Starting from selling electric cars, electric car communities, to a company called electric car. While the second website must have something to do with electric cars and technology. For example, startups that are trying to create sophisticated and cheap electric cars.

So, with this domain, anyone—even the layman—will immediately know that your startup is engaged in innovative and future-focused technology. Cool, right?

3. Help Branding Your Startup

It’s still not enough to have good ideas and products, you know. Your startup must also have a strong branding in order to stand out and make an impression on the heads of your target audience.

Well, the .TECH domain makes your website memorable because it is unique and very relevant to its field, namely technology. Just compare it with other generic domains which are very common and unremarkable. Of course, this domain has a stronger branding value for tech startups.

4. The Potential is as Great as Other Popular Domains

Are you afraid to use a unique domain name because it will be discriminated against by Google? Luckily, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is because unique domain names—including .TECH—are treated fairly and equally by Google .

In other words, this domain also has the same potential as other popular domains in search results. So, your SEO strategy will still run optimally.

5. Can Join the Startup League

Apart from funding, one of the things that new startups need the most is publication. Unfortunately, this publication costs a lot of money. Luckily, if you use this domain, you can join the Startup League.

Startup League is a special program organized by Radix for selected .TECH domain users. By joining the Startup League, your startup can get additional funding, participate in world-renowned technology events, and get massive publicity from the media. Interesting right?

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Use a .TECH Domain Now!

Now you’ve fully realized the benefits of using .tech domain. This domain not only makes your startup branding stand out more, but also gives you the opportunity to join the Startup League and get publicity.

Therefore, for those of you who want to enjoy the advantages, immediately buy the domain name.

Or maybe, you want to check the availability of the name first? Oh, of course you can! Just visit the cheap domain check page to find out if a .TECH domain name is available for your startup.

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