16 Ways To Get Money From The Internet

What activities do you usually do on the internet?

Most people use the internet to communicate with others and for entertainment purpose.

Did you know that the internet can help you earn money?

On this occasion, ActivelyShare.com will share how to earn money from the internet for beginners. Curious?

Check out the methods below, maybe you can try one of them to generate income for you.

1.Online Shop

Online Shop How To Generate Income From Internet
Online Shop How To Generate Income From Internet | Pexels.com

The first way to earn money from the Internet is to open an online shop. Currently, people, especially young people, shop online more often.

Convenience and practicality make people switch from the conventional way of shopping.

To sell, you can use marketplace platforms that are quite popular in Indonesia, such as eBay, Amazon, Lazada and Bukalapak.

However, if you want to have your own online store, we recommend using WordPress as a base. Add the WooCommerce plugin to be able to make transactions like in e-commerce.

There are several important things that you need to pay attention to in creating your own e-commerce, namely:

  • Accessible from multiple platforms
  • Easy to understand by users
  • Have a special page for promotion
  • There are many choices of payment methods

2. Become a Social Media Influencer

Become a Social Media Influencer
Become a Social Media Influencer | Freepik.com

Influencers are becoming a new profession in the midst of the widespread use of social media. People who become influencers have an obligation to influence society through their actions in cyberspace. Currently, almost all companies use the services of influencers because they are considered more effective than usual advertising.

The requirement to become an influencer is to have a large number of followers. Influencers are very suitable, as a business idea for students.

What are the steps to be taken to become an influencer?

  • Determine the areas that will be your focus
  • Create content according to your chosen field
  • Create effective communication patterns with viewers
  • Build a good reputation or image

3. Affiliate

Affiliate To Get Money From Internet
Affiliate To Get Money From Internet | freepik.com

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