What Is Email Marketing? (Learning Guide for Beginner)

Do you want to run an email marketing strategy for your business? That’s the right choice! In fact, the success of product promotion via email is 40 times better than social media.

Well, to be able to achieve maximum results, there are several steps that you need to do properly.

In this article, we will review some strategies on how to create the best email marketing for you to implement. Here are the steps you will learn:

  • Setting Up Email Marketing Tools 
  • Build an Email List 
  • Creating Email List Segmentation 
  • Sending Email Blast 
  • Increase Email Open Rate
  • Using Auto Reply 
  • Avoid Email Marketing Into Spam 
  • Optimizing Mobile Email Marketing 
  • Perform Email Marketing Performance Analysis

Let’s start learning what email marketing is.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing method that aims to offer products to potential customers via email.

The first marketing email was sent in 1978 and generated sales of 13 million dollars. Since then, promotion using email has become one of the marketing efforts that is still relevant today.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

There are several advantages of email marketing that make it still relevant and widely used by businesses. This advantage is certainly a pity if it is not used. Here’s the description:

  • The costs are small but the results are maximum.
  • Has a very wide range. In fact, it is predicted that by 2023 there will be 4.3 billion email users worldwide.
  • More than 90 percent of consumers check email every day.
  • More effective than social media.
  • Easily reach consumers with a variety of different devices.
  • 86 percent of consumers want to receive promotional emails from their subscription products once a month.

Now, after knowing the various advantages, how do you make the right email marketing efforts?

The Best Email Marketing Strategy You Can Try!

Here are marketing strategies that you can try to market your products more optimally via email:

1. Setting up Email Marketing Tools

Sending a marketing email is definitely different from sending a personal email via Gmail or Yahoo.

In email marketing, you need to create an attractive email display, add images, videos, website landing pages, and more. This is all done so that the goals of your marketing strategy are achieved.

Fortunately, all the per-email-marketing matters can be made easier with an email marketing platform or tool. There are some of the best email marketing platforms that you can try, such as:


OptinMonster Email Marketing Tools
OptinMonster is one of the best email marketing platforms that you can try.

There you can create an attractive email display with 97+ template options. You can also set the segmentation of your email list, so that your email marketing delivery is right on target.

Not only email, you can also create attractive pop ups, floating bars, or landing pages. You can also use other features, such as A/B testing to increase your conversion campaign.


Sumo Email Marketing Tools
For those of you who are looking for a free platform, you can try using Sumo.

Sumo has a variety of useful features and customization options to maximize leads and conversions.

To create an email form, there are several kinds of contact forms that you can create, such as pop-ups, footnote forms at the end of articles, forms with call to action (CTA), scroll boxes, and many more.

Here, you can also send a special email according to the stages of the customer journey. So, profit opportunities and campaign targets can be achieved.


Mailchimp is a web-based email marketing platform that you can use without the need to download or install software.

Mailchimp provides several interesting email marketing features, such as email design templates, automated email sending, integration with other applications, and email marketing performance analytics.

Not only for email campaigns, Mailchimp also provides other campaign templates, such as landing pages, postcards, signup forms, Google remarketing ads, to Facebook Ads.

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Anyway, if you are a WordPress website user, you can install the plugin from the email marketing earlier you know. So, you don’t need to go back and forth to make settings from the WordPress Dashboard to the email marketing platform.

With a plugin, all configuration can be done in one place, namely your WordPress Dashboard. Check out other email marketing plugins here → 10+ WordPress email marketing plugins.

2. Build an Email List

The next email marketing strategy is to build an email list. What is an e-mail list?

As the name suggests, an email list is a list of emails and other personal data from your target customers. The purpose of building this email list is to promote products or services to potential target consumers.

Then, how to get a potential email list? So, stay tuned for this chapter until it’s finished.

There are several quick ways to get that email list subscriber. Here’s the description:

2.1 Give Valuable Offers 

Your potential customers will not just provide their personal information. At least there are attractive offers they can get. For example, free ebooks, exclusive content, special discounts and more.

For example, there are many sellers that regularly publishe free ebooks on topics relevant to the needs of target consumers. For example, ebooks on how to create an online store, digital marketing, and website optimization.

2.2 Create a Varied CTA 

A CTA or call to action is a button to encourage website visitors to take action, such as subscribing to email marketing.

Well, the sentence and placement of the CTA that is made must also be considered so that it attracts attention and does not interfere with the experience of website visitors.

For Neil Patel, it has several variations of CTA, namely plain text, simple buttons, and banners containing CTA.
Email Marketing Strategy by Creating Varied CTA
What is a CTA? Understanding, Types, and Tips to Make it!

2.3 Use Popups Reasonably 

Popups are still an effective way to bring in leads. In fact, DealDoktor, a product offering platform, managed to increase email marketing subscribers by 2100 percent.

The use of popups is sometimes considered annoying, but if displayed properly and fairly, popups are very effective in increasing list building. Make sure your popup is also mobile friendly, so it doesn’t disturb mobile visitors.

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2.4 Give a Short Form 

Creating an email marketing subscription form doesn’t need to be too complicated and lengthy. Visitors tend not to really like filling out long forms.

At least the information you need is an active name and email. So, make sure the subscription form is kept simple.

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2.5 Set up a Custom Landing Page

The use of CTA and popup alone is not enough. You also need to set up a special landing page to accommodate visitors after a CTA or Popup click. On the landing page, visitors can see more details of the offers that you provide.

There, visitors can read a brief review of the ebook to be downloaded. Well, if you want to know how to do email list building for email marketing, check out the following article → How to Do Email List Building for Email Marketing.

3. Create an Email List Segmentation

If you have done list building, don’t forget to segment the email list. The main thing is. This list segmentation is an effort to sort out a list of potential customers according to certain criteria.

The goal is to streamline your email campaigns and get higher conversions . So instead of sending an email to all the unsorted lists, you can send a specific email to a specific list that has more potential.

This segmentation will also help you create email campaigns that are more personal and relevant to potential customers. So, the chances of an email being clicked are greater, right?

Then, how to divide the email list into the right segments? Well, you can divide them based on the following criteria:

  • New subscribers – Contains people who just subscribed, you can send a special email such as a welcome email or thank you for subscribing.
  • Blog subscribers – Contains people who signed up via subscribed blogs. You can email the latest blog or ebook updates.
  • Specific locations – For example, if you have an event in a certain city, you can send an email to invite consumers to attend an event in a certain city.
  • Open Rate – Contains customers who are more engaged with you. So, you can provide a reward email or a special promo.
  • Inactivity – Contains people who are less active, so you can send reminder emails to buy certain products.
  • Shopping Cart Reminder – Contains a list of consumers who have added products to the cart, you can send a reminder email to checkout at your online store.

In addition to the division above, you can create other segments according to your needs.

4. Sending Email Blast

Choose email marketing tools, already. Build and segment email lists, too. Next, you need to do an email blast.

Email blast is the activity of sending emails to many people at once, in this case your email list. Email blasts are often used to reach potential customers massively quickly and easily.

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