12 Credit Card Fees You Must Know Before Applying For One

Credit cards really does help us to make financial transacations, either offline or online. The use of credit cards is very broad and can be used anywhere and anytime. In fact, often credit cards also provide very attractive and profitable offers. For example, large discounts, cashback, reward points,  free airport lounge facilities , up to 0% installments.

However, using credit cards are indeed fun and helpful, but you need to raise questions in your mind. Likewise, the bill that is on the credit card? And what other costs do you need to know?

The reason is that even though you pay your credit card bill  on time, sometimes there are still additional costs besides credit card interest. You don’t need to be surprised by this, so before you have a credit card, as a good credit card user you must be aware of various additional fees.

The purpose of understanding what the fees on a credit card are will make you understand how you can maximize the use of credit cards wisely and enjoy the benefits offered. Managing finances will also be wiser and you will avoid using the wrong credit card.

To add your information about credit cards, see the full review of credit card fees from waktujakarta.com below:

1. Annual Fee

An annual fee is a general fee that credit card users must know. This annual fee is like a compensation fee for various facilities that have been provided by the card issuer to credit card users.

The amount of this annual fee is different for each type of card, such as  classic, gold, platinum, and so on. It all depends on the card issuing bank, generally the more complete the credit card features and the more premium the card type, the higher the annual fee.

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