Creating a WordPress Contact Form with Contact Form 7

The contact form on the website has great benefits for your website. Your visitors will find it easier to contact you via the website. In addition, the contact form can also reduce incoming messages to spam.

Well, creating a WordPress contact form is easier using a plugin. One of the best is Contact Form 7. This plugin is one of the most widely used plugins to date.

Well, in this article, we will explain how to set up Contact Form 7 to create a contact form. Just take a look at the discussion!

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How to Set up Contact Form 7 to Create Forms in WordPress

Here’s how to use Contact Form 7 that you can follow.

1. Login to WordPress Dashboard

The first step in setting up Contact Form 7 is logging into the WordPress admin dashboard with your username and password.
Login to WordPress Dashboard

2. Install and Activate the Contact Form 7 Plugin

If so, click the Plugins menu > Add New. Look for the Contact Form 7 plugin in the search field. Then click the Install Now button > Activate.
Install and Activate the Contact Form 7 Plugin

3. Create a New Contact Form

After the plugin is active, click the Contact menu > Add New to create a new contact form.
Create a New Contact Form
Create a title for your contact form, for example WordPress Contact Form.

Then pay attention to the Form tab below it. That is a list of input form labels that will be displayed. You can add and remove elements according to your needs. Those marked with an asterisk will later be required to be filled in by visitors.
Create a New Contact Form WordPress Plugin Great

4. Configure Email Format

When a visitor sends an email via the contact form, you will automatically receive an email containing your name, contact details, and the body of your message.

You can do the settings or configuration of the email format via the Mail tab.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you enter an active email address in the To form This is the email to receive messages.
Setting Contact Form 7

5. Adjust the Display of the Contact Form

The next step for setting Contact Form 7 is to set the appearance of the form. To set the message you want to appear on the form, click the Message tab.
Adjust the Display of the Contact Form
You can add a message for notification when a message has been delivered or failed to be delivered.

6. Save the Contact Form Configuration

If you have made the settings, click the Save button. After successfully saving, there will be a shortcode that looks like the following.
Save the Contact Form Configuration

7. Publish the WordPress Contact Form

To publish the form, just click the Contact Form menu > the name of your contact form. Then, copy the shortcode.
Publish the WordPress Contact Form
Paste the shortcode into the page, post, or widget where you want it to appear. In this example we put it on a page by selecting the Pages menu > Add New.
Contact Us Contact Form
The result looks like the image below.
Contact Us Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin Great

8. Contact Form Test

If it has been published, try filling out the form. The goal, to ensure the form has been functioning properly. If the message is successfully sent, you will see a notification like the image below.
Success Sending Message Using Contact Form WordPress Plugin

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Let’s Make Website Contact Form Easier with Contact Form 7

Now you know that It turns out that setting up Contact Form 7 is easy, right?

Through the contact form you just created, visitors can easily contact you.

Well, apart from creating a contact form, you can also create other forms, such as subscribe, registration, and other forms.

You can use the collected data for your email marketing strategy. Well, to learn more about email marketing, you can first read the following article -> Complete Guide to Creating Effective Email Marketing 2020.

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