What is Content Marketing? Why Is It Important For A Business?

Find a complete explanation of what content marketing is in this article! Equipped with forms and examples of content marketing.

Among online marketers there is a well-known expression, “Content is king”. Some may wonder why content is so important that it is called “king”?

Content is very important in the world of online marketing. Content is anything that can convey a message to the audience. Without content, both social media marketing and SEO efforts, will not produce any results.

Just imagine, you just create a business account on Facebook or Instagram without releasing content regularly. Of course the business account becomes useless.

Likewise with a website or business blog. Websites or blogs that are never updated with content will also not produce any results in your business.

What is Content Marketing?

After understanding what content is, what I will discuss next is content marketing. The definition of content marketing is quite simple. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and distributing relevant, important, and consistent content to attract audiences with the aim of converting them into consumers.

There are two important elements in content marketing. First, content must meet these three conditions: important, relevant, and consistent. So, you can’t be careless in creating content for content marketing. Content must meet the three conditions above. You must create content that is relevant to your business. For example, you run a fashion business. Then you need to create content related to fashion.

Relevance alone is not enough. You also need to consider whether the content is important or not for the target audience to know. Make a priority scale containing topics that are relevant to the target audience. Sort from most important to least important.

The last requirement is consistency. In content marketing, you can’t rely on just one piece of content to attract the attention of the audience. It takes a lot of content for you to finally experience the benefits of content marketing for your business.

The second element in content marketing is achieving the goal of converting audiences into consumers. Keep in mind that producing content for content marketing is not just to entertain the audience. There is a goal that you must achieve, which is to convert your audience into customers. So after consuming the content that you create, the audience is moved to buy the product or service that you are selling.

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Forms of Content Marketing

There are many forms of content marketing. Here are some of the most used forms of content marketing.


Blogs are the most fundamental and most important form of content marketing. This platform is fundamental to content marketing not without reason.

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Blogs allow you to share ideas and complete information in one article. In addition, blog content is a long-term investment because the level of resilience of blog content is the highest compared to other types of content. According to research conducted by the Social Media Online Class, blog content can last up to two years.


Sometimes you need a longer medium than blog articles, you can use ebooks. Ebooks are also a form of content marketing that you can rely on. You can make conditions to be able to download your ebook, people must enter an email first. So you can get leads through ebooks which you can then convert into consumers in the future.


Video is also one type of content that you need to pay attention to for content marketing. Because video marketing can make your visitors spend more time on the blog. The more time a visitor spends on the blog, the better the score on Google. According to iMPACT research, videos increase organic traffic by 157 percent.


Email is also a popular form of content marketing. The effectiveness of email for marketing purposes is fairly high, which is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter. There are various forms of content in email marketing. From promotional emails, shopping cart reminder emails, newsletters, to ebook promotions.

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Social Media

Social media is also part of content marketing. However, because the discussion of marketing on social media is too broad, social media has its own branch in the world of marketing, namely social media marketing. To understand more clearly about social media marketing, you can read the article on the 2021 social media marketing guide.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Business?

Actually content marketing is not a new technique, it’s just that in Indonesia the popularity of the term content marketing is still low. Abroad, content marketing techniques have been massively applied by various large companies such as Buffer, Hubspot, and Rip Curl.

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