Buyer Persona Definition And Functions

The more developed the business world, the greater the competition that must be faced by entrepreneurs. Many of them are competing to carry out various marketing strategies to get sympathy from consumers.

From using social media for advertising to paying people for promotions, there are also those who use buyer personas to carry out marketing strategies. Do you know what a buyer persona is?

Definition of Buyer Persona

Definition of Buyer Persona
Definition of Buyer Persona

Buyer persona is a fictitious person who is deliberately created with certain characteristics as a target consumer. This buyer persona embodies who the best customers in your business are, what they look like, what they are like, and how they make decisions.

The person who can create this shadow consumer is yourself as an entrepreneur because you are the one who understands the details of the products and services being sold.

To make it, you need to use your mind’s imagination to imagine and then write it down. Although it looks easy, you need to think a lot about creating it.

So, a buyer persona is a representation of the typical target customer of a business obtained from in-depth research. Ideally, you need to create customer profiles that look as if they are real.

Starting with the collection of demographic data, behavior, personality, to how they make decisions when buying a product.

Of course, this step will be very helpful, especially when you want to convey business value to customers. In addition, the process of implementing other business strategies can run more easily.

Starting from marketing, content creation, product development and so on. That way, your business prospects can be much more assured, because you can really know what the market needs.

Buyer Persona Detail

Buyer Persona Detail
Buyer Persona Detail

To determine the buyer persona, there are several things that you must determine and think about such as:

a. Personal data

To find out the buyer persona’s personal data , in your imagination you must be able to answer the following questions to describe that person.

  • What is the consumer’s name?
  • What’s the gender?
  • How old is he?
  • What’s the education?
  • Have you worked and what is the job?
  • How much income does he earn?
  • What is your status, are you married or not?
  • Already have children, if they are how old?

b. Behavior

Describe your best customer by imagining the following questions.

  • What’s his hobby?
  • What foods and drinks does he like best?
  • What does he like?
  • What social media does he use?
  • How many online forums does he follow and what are they?

c. Shopping Habits

You also need to imagine the buyer persona’s habits regarding how to shop by answering the questions below.

  • How does he usually communicate, by phone, email, or in person?
  • How does he know a product? Through advertisements, suggestions from friends, or through the internet.
  • If through the internet, how does he find that information?
  • What is the preferred way of shopping, offline or online?

The way to determine the details of the buyer persona is to answer some of the questions above. If you feel you are still lacking in detail, you can add as much information as you know because the more information you will get closer to the buyer.

Buyer Persona Function

Buyer Persona Function
Buyer Persona Function

It has been mentioned above that the buyer persona is very important in a marketing strategy, so what are its functions? Here are the benefits that you can get if you have these imaginary consumers.

a. You can identify the needs and desires of consumers for the products being sold.

b. Understand how your consumers make purchasing decisions so you can target marketing and make better sales.

c. Develop or create new products or services that match the needs and desires of consumers so that you and they both benefit.

d. Determine the right marketing strategy so that it can bring in many new consumers.

e. Make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient.


After knowing what a buyer persona is and its function, of course you know how to continue your business. You can immediately start making imaginary consumers to determine the right marketing strategy. The strategy you use can also be more effective and efficient with these fictitious consumers.

If the existence of a buyer persona can only be created imaginatively, this is different from a marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is a real action that requires process, time, effort, and cost.

The company must budget the right financing for the chosen marketing strategy. An online accounting software, will help your business have good financial management.

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