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MANAGEMENT, ACTIVELYSHARE.COM — Business management is needed for those who have a business. Most people really want to have a personal business. This is not surprising, considering that everyone’s interests are different. However, opening a business is not that easy. There must be careful planning to support business progress.

Running a business requires planning. In the sense that management is needed so that the business runs smoothly and achieves the target.

There are so many examples, those who open businesses without a well-thought-out plan end up breaking down in the middle of the road. Most of the capital does not return, goods accumulate, and what’s worse can be debt too.

Usually this happens due to lack of anticipation of the loss factor. The factor of lack of consumers is also often ignored, so these new business actors are more focused on profits.

In fact, for initial capital, there must be several pockets. In the sense that there must be capital to spend on goods, capital to cover profits that have not been maximized, and so on.

The planning needed is in the form of business management. A plan that is carried out by optimizing all resources in order to achieve the appropriate business targets.

To make a business plan is also not as difficult as imagined. Nor do you have to go to school again to get knowledge.

Learning business planning can start with easy exercises. For example, estimating capital requirements, expenses, and income from selling small items such as yellow rice. For the next, let’s learn about the meaning of business management.

A. Understanding Business Management

In general, business management means the activities of planning, executing, and supervising a business or enterprise. All of these activities are aimed at enabling businesses to achieve their targets.

Another definition of this activity can also be a business that is deliberately carried out based on a plan to achieve a sales target.

This means that without management activities, it is very unlikely that sales profits can be obtained. Management applied to a business includes everything needed to achieve sales targets.

Starting from planning, controlling, action , and finally evaluation. Based on these four management activities, the progress of a business can be controlled, whether it wants to move slowly or quickly.

Referring to the above understanding, it is certain that business management is the most important element that determines the development of a business. Naturally, a good business is determined by good management as well.

While bad business is generally run based on poor management. Usually the running of the business also does not receive thorough supervision.

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