10+ Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Maybe some people are hesitant to use popups because they are worried that they will disturb website visitors.

In fact, popups can help increase the conversion of your online store website.

DealDoktor, an auction website from Germany, can even increase its conversion rate by up to 2100 percent through a popup.

You can also follow in the footsteps of DealDoktor’s success by using a WordPress popup plugin.

Here are the 10+ best WordPress popup plugins that you can use:

1. Popup Maker

Popup Maker WordPress Plugin

Popup Maker is one of the best and free WordPress popup plugins that you can use.

This plugin is already used by more than 300 thousand WordPress users and gets a five star rating from most of its users.

You can create various kinds of popup content for your WordPress website.

Many features are offered and all of them you can enjoy for free. From slide outs, banner bars, floating stickies, notifications, loading screens, to opt-in forms.

2. Popup Builder

Popup Builder WordPress Plugin

Popup Builder is also quite popular. This plugin has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times on WordPress sites.

With Popup Builder, you can create popups that attract the attention of website visitors using Popup Builder.

You can set the theme, color, and popup size to match the theme of your WordPress website.

Popup builder provides two versions, namely the free version and the PRO version.

The free version of Popup Builder can already accommodate your basic popup needs.

However, if you want to add features, you can buy a license starting at 49 US Dollars.

3. Better Coupon (Beeketing)

Better Coupon (Beeketing) WordPress Plugin

If you use WooCommerce, maybe you can try this one plugin, namely Beeketing.

Beeketing plugin is suitable for those of you who need a multifunctional plugin to increase conversions.

Not only providing popups, Beeketing also provides other interesting features to increase conversions.

To display a popup, you can use the Better Coupon Box feature. In addition to popups, you can also provide personal recommendations to customers with the Personalized Recommendation feature.

You can also send automated emails based on customer activity in the online store using the MailBot feature.

There are many more features that you can get from Beeketing and you can try them for free.

4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster WordPress Popup Plugin

You could say OptinMonster is the most popular popup plugin in WordPress. OptinMonster users have reached 800 thousand and counting.

Ease to use is one of the reasons why this plugin is so popular. You can create popups in minutes with OptinMonster.

Basic features such as lightbox popups, full screen popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and in-line forms are free.

However, to add various important features you need to upgrade your account starting from 19 US Dollars per month.

5. ITRO Popup Plugin

ITRO Popup Plugin WordPress Popup Plugin

Although the number of users of this plugin has only reached about 20 thousand,

ITRO Popup Plugin is also worth trying to create popups on your website.

This plugin has a simple interface that makes it easy to use even by ordinary people.

An interesting feature of ITRO Popup Plugin is that it provides a custom template for age restricted popups.

6. Popup by Supsystic

Popup by Supsystic WordPress Popup Plugin

Another free WordPress popup plugin worth checking out is Popup by Supsystic.

Popup by Supsystic provides 18 types of popups and 69 popup themes that are mobile friendly.

Not only that, this plugin also provides more than 20 opening animations to make your popups more attractive.

You are also free to put the popup anywhere as needed.

7. ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus WordPress Popup Plugin

ConvertPlus is a premium popup plugin worth checking out. You can buy a license for this plugin at a price of 30 US Dollars per month.

ConvertPlus provides more than 100 ready-to-use popup templates making it easy for you to quickly create popups.

You can also set popups based on the behavior of website visitors.

8. Bloom

Bloom WordPress Popup Plugin

Bloom is a premium popup plugin that is sold as a package with a theme created by Elegant Themes.

So by purchasing a theme from Elegant Themes, you can get premium access to the Bloom plugin.

Elegant Themes provides two package options, namely the annual package and the lifetime package.

The annual package costs US$89 per year, while the lifetime package costs US$249.

By purchasing a premium package from Elegant Themes, you can access all the premium themes and plugins available.

9. Sumo

Sumo WordPress Popup Plugin

Just like most plugins, Sumo provides two versions, namely a free version and a pro version.

The free version of Sumo is relatively limited compared to similar free WordPress popup plugins.

To use the Sumo plugin for free, you need to sign up first. Then you will be provided with popup lightbox features, slide-in optin, floating optin, and welcome mats.

To access more features you will need to upgrade to a premium account.

10. ThriveLeads

ThriveLeads WordPress Popup Plugin

ThriveLeads is a WordPress popup plugin developed by ThriveThemes.

You can buy only ThriveLeads licenses which are priced starting from 67 US Dollars.

You can also join as a Thrive Member with membership fees starting at 19 US Dollars per month.

By becoming a member, you can get access to all premium plugins and themes by ThriveThemes, from ThriveLeads, ThriveThemes, Clever Widget, to ThriveArchitcet (landing page builder).

11. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro WordPress Popup Plugin
Elementor Pro WordPress Popup Plugin

Elementor has long been known as a page builder. Recently Elementor Pro released a new feature, namely Popup Builder.

So by purchasing an Elementor Pro premium license, now you can also create popups easily using the Popup Builder feature.


This is the article about the best WordPress popup plugins. You are free to choose which plugin you think is most suitable for your website.

Of course you have to consider the costs and needs of your online store website.

If you only need basic features, you can simply use a free popup plugin like Popup Maker or Popup Builder.

However, if your online store website needs additional features to speed up the expected conversion rate, don’t hesitate to purchase the premium version of one of the popup plugins above.

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