Administrative Management Definition, Purpose And Advantage For Company

The definition of administrative management in general is a form of business and activity that is closely related to setting a policy within the company so that company goals can be achieved properly.

The definition of administration in particular is a form of activity that includes recording, writing, simple bookkeeping, typing on computers, and other activities of a technical nature in terms of administration.

George R. Terry explained that administrative management is an activity of planning, controlling, organizing work and also its movement to achieve goals that have been previously set.

On the other hand, Millis Geoffrey explained that administrative management is a process of guiding company personnel in using available facilities and infrastructure in order to achieve predetermined business goals.

So, administrative management is one of the management sciences that is able to provide administrative service information so that it can perform operations more optimally. This administrative management greatly affects the smooth running of other divisions and is often used as the main ingredient in making a policy.

Even so, administrative management has always been an invisible form of force. But when you are wrong in managing it, what will happen is a lot of chaos.

Administrative Management based on Experts

Those who are experts in the field of management science have their own views on administrative management. The following is an explanation of administrative management according to them:

  • H. Evans

WH Evans explained that administration management is a function that is closely related to management and direction at all stages of company activities regarding the management of materials, information, forms of communication, as well as company memory.

  • Millis Geoffrey

Millis Geoffrey argues that administration management is an art about guiding each individual in a company to be able to utilize the appropriate means in accordance with the corporate environment in order to achieve predetermined goals.

  • George R. Terry

George R. Terry said that administration management is a form of planning, controlling, and organizing work, as well as mobilizing individuals in a company to be able to achieve predetermined goals.

  • Edwin Robinson and William Leffingwell

The two experts in the field of management are of the opinion that administration management is an activity of planning, controlling and organizing each individual in a company, as well as moving the executors in it to be able to better achieve company goals.

  • Prajudi Atmosudirjo

According to Prajudi Atmosudirdjo, administration management is a combination of offices as a unit consisting of land, personnel, equipment and buildings ( corporate management ), as well as company work or operation management .

  • Suparjati, et al.

Suparjati et al. explained that administration management is a form of cooperation process that occurs within the office so that all company goals that have previously been set can be achieved by carrying out various existing management functions.

  • Moekijat

Moekijat argues that administration management is a form of implementing various management functions within a company in the form of organizing, planning, mobilizing and supervising the company so that company goals can be achieved and the employees in it can be satisfied.

  • Rifhi Siddiq

Rifhi Siddiq explained that administrative management is a method that is carried out by paying attention to various management functions which are closely related to the form of work that has been previously planned.

  • John Neuner and Benjamin Haynes

These two expert management experts argue that administration management is the science of management within the company that covers a narrower field than is generally found in the term management for the most part with regard to supervisory activities.

  • Arthur Grager

The definition of administration management based on Arthur Grager is a function of the administration of communication activities and also script services in a company.

  • Gie

Management science expert named Gie explained that administration management is a series of activities in the form of planning, organizing which contains regulating and arranging, supervising, directing, and controlling so that the operation is carried out in an orderly manner in office work to achieve company goals.

  • William Spriegel and Ernest Davies

William Spriegel and Ernest Davies explained that administration management is a form of overall empowerment of various writing activities as distinguished from various activities such as transportation, warehousing, to factories, and also sales.

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Administrative Management Goals

When administrative management is implemented and implemented, the company will get important information regarding how successful the goals that have been achieved by utilizing the advice and infrastructure that have been previously designed. The form of efficiency contained therein refers to economic, psychological and technical conditions.

So the company will get information in the form of cost effectiveness and use of advice and infrastructure, maximizing use of this, and also satisfaction with employees and customers.

Various administrative goals will be achieved if the various functions are able to be carried out appropriately and correctly. If described more fully, it can be seen that administrative objectives include:

  • Perform complete data management and company information in it, protect and also store and inform those who need it.
  • Provide and present important reports and notes with appropriate and appropriate cost details.
  • Helping the company in terms of maintaining and also fulfilling the needs that are closely related to the administrative process.
  • Providing administrative services to partners and also to customers or consumers.
  • Provide the latest and also relevant reports related to the company.

Administration Management Functions

The administrative management functions are as follows:

  • Planning administrative activities, such as maintaining existing facilities and infrastructure, such as company workspaces, company budgets, ventilation, and so on.
  • Organizing by classifying the various tools used in the business field, duties, responsibilities and human resources in it in order to be able to create an organization that is in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.
  • Motivating all employees to be able to achieve company goals, especially in terms of administration.
  • Oversee various corporate administration processes.

Main Duties of Administrative Management

Based on the meaning of the administrative management itself, an expert named Millis Geoffrey divide the main tasks of administrative management be doubling ( duplicating ), mail or message type ( mailing ), calculation ( calculating ), archiving (filing), call ( telephoning ), checking ( checking ), and so on.

Administrative Management Stages

Several stages or processes in administrative management include:

  • Planning

Planning is a fundamental stage in directing other activities to be carried out.

  • Organizing

Once planned, the next step that must be done is organizing financial, material and human resources. In organizing this policy will be formulated and those involved in it will be assigned according to their respective capacities.

  • Execution or Direction

After planning and organizing, the next thing to do is directing or executing the strategy so that a continuous process occurs so that later it will be able to motivate employees to be able to achieve company goals more efficiently.

  • Control

So that the company’s activities can be carried out more optimally, and also the company’s goals can be achieved properly, control or control must be properly communicated to employees.

Administrative Management Activities

Some of these administrative management activities include procurement of files or files, archiving, providing information, carrying out an inventory of company facilities and infrastructure, and carrying out administration of various company activities.

Why Is Studying Administrative Management So Important?

When a new business is being built, creating a system is a very important activity. This includes various things that are closely related to administration. Now, when a business has developed, various small things such as correspondence activities such as letters of cooperation, data collection, and various information in the company will look like important assets.

For this reason, administration is like a vehicle that distributes important company information, including infrastructure. When the various data contained in it can be stored and managed properly, it will have an impact on the future of the company. This means that the company will be able to be even more successful if it has a well-managed administration.

Apart from administrative management, another thing that companies must do in order to be more successful is to carry out financial management in the form of neat and good financial records. To make it easier for you to make these financial records, you can use accounting software that are available online.

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